Sweat Rash On Neck Types And Symptoms: Treatment For Sweat Rash

Sweat rash refers to a skin ailment which is commonly observed in individual living in hot and humid climates or individuals who are prone to sweat a lot. The condition is also referred to as prickly heat or miliaria or simply heat rash. Though the condition may affect individuals of all ages it is more prominently seen in children and infants.

Sweat rashes on the neck and other parts are caused due to the retention of sweat in the skin. Normally sweat is eliminated from the skin from the pores, but on some occasions blockage of the pores due to dirt or grease may result in interference with the ability of the skin to excrete sweat, which in turn results in sweat rash.

Sweat Rash can be a distressing condition and associated with severe itching and irritation.

What Does Sweat Rash On Neck Look Like?

Sweat Rash is most often observed around the neck. Sweat Rash on the neck can be classified into different categories depending upon the level of obstruction.

  • When the obstruction of the sweat gland or duct it near the surface of the skin it is referred to as miliaria crystalline. This type of neck rash is associated with formation of small vesicles of skin which are filled with fluid.
  • When obstruction of the sweat gland is observed in the sweat gland itself or is located deeper in the skin the condition is referred to as miliaria rubra.
    These rashes are typically not filled with fluid but are associated with slight redness and are more itchy compared to miliaria crystalline
  • Miliaria pustulosa is characterized by secondary skin infection and characterized by small blisters of pus on the skin. Often this condition is associated with obstruction deeper in the skin at the level of the dermis.

Symptoms Of Sweat Rash

The characteristic symptoms associated with Sweat Rash include,

  • Formation of pimple like elevations on the skin which are referred to as papules. These papules are often associated with pricking sensation.
  • Often the papules are associated with severe inflammation and redness and occasionally may be associated with formation of fluid filled vesicles.
  • Occasionally these papules tend to get infected with staphylococcus infections and result in severe irritation, itching and at times tiny petechia spots, due to bleeding of tiny blood vessels
  • Often these sweat rash can get infected and may be associated with formation of pustules

Treatment For Sweat Rash

Here are some simple tips which can be used to effectively manage sweat rash,

  • Wear light clothing. Cotton Clothing is preferred over synthetic clothing. Cotton helps absorb the sweat and prevents the occurrence of sweat rash
  • Scrub the skin well while taking bath. Scrubbing helps in the removal of dead cells from the body which reduces the possibility of the sweat glands getting blocked and prevent occurrence of sweat rash
  • Avoid use of oil based creams or ointments. These creams tend to obstruct the sweat glands and increase the risk of developing sweat rash
  • Local application of menthol, camphor and calamine is considered beneficial as it helps reduce itching and also helps in reducing the inflammation associated with the condition.