What Is Super Glue? Easy Way To Remove Super Glue From Fingers

Super glue has become a common household name all over the world because of its immense strength to bind objects and easy applicability. This glue has infinite uses at homes, offices and industries. Repairing joints, mending broken potteries, sealing a hole or a crack, think of whatever you want to bond, super glue will do the work.

Because super glue is so strong and bonds two surfaces quickly, sometimes it is possible to glue your fingers accidentally while handling it. But do not worry, even if it is incredibly strong, super glue has one weakness namely acetone.

Applying acetone which is commonly available in nail polish remover will help to dissolve the glue without damaging the finger skin. Before finding ways to remove super glue on fingers, let us know few facts of this super adhesive of 20th century.

The generic name of super glue is cyanoacrylate. It is a synthetic polymer having fast binding quality. Super glue has vast number of uses in binding household articles, industrial appliances, and even its use in medical field. Cyanoacrylate has short shelf life. The adhesive is viable for one year if the container is not opened.

Shelf life shortens to one month once super glue container is opened. It stays longer if kept in dry and cool place.

Cyanoacrylate was first invented in 1942 by two scientists Harry Coover and Fred Joyner. The product was initially made during World War 2 as clear plastic gunsight. But the glue stuck to every material which came in contact with it and therefore it was rejected. Later on it was sold commercially as an adhesive. It is best used to bond two surfaces of metals.

How To Remove Super Glue From Fingers Stuck Together?

Accidental spillage of super glue is possible while handling it. The glue instantly sticks on the finger surface. Sometimes the two fingers may bind together if they come in contact with each other. The condition is troublesome, but do not panic as and do not pull the skin as it is tightly adhered to the glue. Instead use following home measures to separate the fingers or the glue over the finger skin.

  • Soap water or detergent soap water: Soak the affected finger in a bowl containing warm soap water. You may add few drops of vinegar to it. After few minutes super glue becomes lose and leaves its attachment to finger skin. If you are unable to remove the glue proceed ahead with next step.
  • Take nail polish remover which contains acetone. This chemical is effective in detaching the glue from skin. Soak your finger in acetone or rub acetone on the glue. Avoid using cotton ball to soak acetone as this may aggravate the problem. The glue begins to peel off after sometime. But take precautions not to remove the skin with it as it may lead to tearing.
  • If acetone is not available, apply margarine constantly on the finger. Rub it gently until the glue peels off from the finger.
  • Salt solution also helps to pull apart the stuck fingers with the glue. Add lemon juice if needed. Soak your fingers in the solution for a while and gently roll over each other instead of pulling the two fingers. The glue becomes lose after a while and you can easily separate the two fingers.

Once the glue is removed wash your hands with soap water and apply a moisturizer.