Causes Of Sun Damage On Chest: How To Treat Sun Damaged Skin?

We all take utmost care of our facial skin but seldom have we realized that a damaged d├ęcolletage can be a cause of distraction even though our face is attractive. The skin on the chest which is exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun each time we go outdoors is vulnerable to discoloration and rough texture. Age spots, freckles, redness due to broken blood vessels (sunburns), wrinkles are all consequence of sun damaged skin.

When the skin on chest is exposed to UV rays of sun for a long duration of time, it triggers melanocyte cells to produce more melanin pigments.

It thus gives the skin unwanted dark blotchy spots which we call freckles and age spots. More over long time exposure to sun radiation on chest can cause overgrowth of tiny blood vessels that give the skin a brown or red appearance. Further the collagen fibers of skin are destroyed leading to loss of skin elasticity and wrinkling.

Sunburn on chest is often experienced in people who take sunbath for a long time. People especially flock in hundreds to lie in sun on the beach and tan their body. They are always at the risk of getting sunburn and other forms of sun damage if they do not use proper sun protective measures.

Most of them apply sunscreen on their face and hands, but they miss to put on their chest and neck.

Frequently it is the reason many sunbathers suffer from sun damage on their chest. Although it is difficult to reverse sun damage completely, there are several measures which can lessen the discoloration, make the delicate skin smoother on chest.

How To Treat Sun Damaged Skin On Chest?

Whenever you venture out in the sun, the first thing that you have to do is to apply a layer of sunscreen which has more than SPF 15. Apply sunscreen on all parts of the body which are exposed including the chest and neck area. Along with sunscreen your skin also needs antioxidants to provide protection from the sun damage. Vitamin E is considered to be the food for rejuvenating skin. Apply vitamin E containing cream and also eat foods that are rich in vitamin E. It has all antioxidant qualities.

These measures will help prevent skin damage however, if the skin is damaged you need to cool the area and allow the burn to heal. Place an ice bag or cool wet cloth over the sunburn. It helps to alleviate burning sensation. You may also apply soaked cool tea bag over the damaged skin on chest. It is a time tested home remedy to soothe the damaged skin.

In severe cases of sun damage on chest, chemical peel and laser will help to lighten the brown spots caused after sun damage. A series of laser treatment will make the skin firm and tighter. All these treatments are effective, but the condition can reoccur again if you do not take care of your skin once the skin damage on chest has improved.