Home Remedies For Removing Skin Tags And Warts Naturally

Skin tags and warts are two different identities having similar appearance. Many times people mistakenly consider a wart to be a skin tag and a skin tag to be a wart.  Therefore it is necessary to know what the difference is between both the skin growths.

Difference Between Skin Tags And Warts

Warts are tiny non cancerous growths on the body. They may vary in size, and their onset is gradual just as skin tags. Warts are caused due to the human papilloma virus (HPV). The medical term for common wart is verruca vulgaris.

It is the most common skin abnormality found both in men as well as women. Warts are also present in children. Warts can grow anywhere in the body but the most common site for wart is fingers, hand and feet. Warts are also present in the genital regions where it is more difficult to detect. For detecting genital warts you may require a physicians help.

Warts can be in different shapes such as cauliflower or bumps of dome shape. The surface of the wart can be smooth or rough. There can be a single wart or multiple warts at the same site.

Warts can get lacerated, cracked and bleed.

Skin tags are an extended piece of skin that hangs with a base attached to the skin. Skin tags are also non cancerous and harmless. There is no definite cause for skin tags, although the triggering factor for its formation is growing age, obesity, diabetes, hormonal changes, pregnancy, and atherosclerosis.

They are tiny in size and soft to feel. Medically skin tags are called acrochordon. Skin tags are more often seen on the face, eyelids, neck, groin, under arms etc.

Skin Tags Warts Treatment

In most cases treatment for skin tag and wart can be same.

Conventional Treatment for skin tag warts is through expensive surgical procedure or cryogenic freezing or removing with laser therapy.

  • Castor oil skin tag wart removal: Apply a bandage with warm castor oil over the warts. Replace it two to three times in a day until the wart dissolves. It will take one week to dissolve the warts.
  • Applying apple cider vinegar over the skin tag, wart or a mole two to three times in a day will help to dissolve the warts. If you apply apple cider vinegar on the skin tag regularly, it dries up and falls off after a week or two.

Home Remedies For Removing Skin Tags Warts

However many people opt and try skin tags wart removal with home remedies. They are economical and safe.

  • You can apply juice of cashew nut on the wart and then bandage it. It helps to dissolve the wart in a few days.
  • Apply a grated potato on the skin tags or on the warts. Cover it with a bandage for 4 to 5 days daily. The potato decomposes and makes the skin tag and the wart to disintegrate.
  • Similarly apply small quantity of vitamin E oil on the surface of the skin tags warts. It helps to improve the texture of the skin over the warts. Now apply paste of garlic and then bandage the area. Do it regularly for few days until the skin tag falls off. It is an effective skin tags warts home removal remedy.
  • To remove warts apply milk from a dandelion stem daily several times. It is said to work well in removing warts.

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