Home Remedies For Skin Tags On Scrotum: Symptoms & Treatment

Skin tags which are also called acrochordons in medical terminology are tiny growth of skin. They usually occur in areas where there is repeated skin to skin friction. Therefore they are commonly seen in armpits, and genital area. This extra growth of skin on scrotum usually is few millimeter in length. They hang with a stalk attached to the base of scrotal skin.

Skin tags on scrotum are harmless but they are embarrassing for men, particularly during intimate relationship. This is because the partner may mistakenly consider it as something associated with venereal disease.

Skin tags on scrotum can occur at any age, but they are usually seen in people over the age of 30 years.

There is no specific reason known for this harmless growth of skin on scrotum, however, it is more commonly observed with obesity, hormonal changes, and growing age. There can be one or more than one skin tag on scrotum area. Although skin tags are harmless, many men prefer it to remove them, especially when they are in abundance on scrotum skin.

Symptoms Of Skin Tags On Scrotum

Usually when skin tags are present on scrotum, they are in multiples.

These extended growths of skin are soft and they are elongated in shape. Sometimes large skin tag may appear like a grape. Skin tags are well defined as its stalk is attached to the base of skin and body hangs from the stalk. The stalk of skin tag is narrow.

Skin tags anywhere on the skin are harmless, but often when they are present in certain areas which are prone to constant friction such as the scrotum, they may become sore and painful. Sometime they may get twisted and turn black or red in color.

Skin tags on scrotum in men tend to bleed easily as they may get entangled in the undergarment. It may also affect sexual life of a person as there may be associated pain caused by friction during the act.

Treatment & Home Remedies For Skin Tags On Scrotum

Although skin tags on scrotum are harmless growth of skin, many men prefer to remove them. They are discomforting especially when skin tags on scrotum get pulled or irritated by underwear. It may cause pain and sometime bleeding when they are pulled. Some men remove them just for cosmetic purpose.

Skin tags can be removed either with conventional dermatological techniques or they can also be removed with the help of home remedies.

  • In conventional method, the tags are cut with scissors or surgical instruments by the doctor. The other method is to freeze the tags with liquid nitrogen. This therapy is called cryotherapy. After some days the tags may shrivel and fall off. Nowadays scrotal tags are also removed with laser therapy. All these treatment measures are done in a clinic by a dermatologist. This mode of treatment is costly.

In many cases home remedies are also useful in removing skin tags.

  • One or two small skin tags on scrotum can be removed by tying a dental floss around the base of the tag. Primarily it cuts the blood supply to the skin tag. Eventually the tag will fall off.
  • Apply tea tree oil on the skin tag daily for few days. It shrivels the extra growth without causing damage to the skin around the area.
  • Apply paste prepared by mixing baking soda and castor oil on the skin tag. Follow it for few days. You may see the result after few days or weeks of its application.