Removal Of Skin Tags On Face Home Remedies: What Causes Skin Tags

Skin tags are tiny skin growths that you often see hanging loosely on your face, on your eyelids or under the arms. These tiny pieces of skin growths are soft to touch. They are also known as cutaneous papilloma or acrochordons. They are benign growths, which mean that they are not cancerous and basically they are harmless. Some people are prone to get skin tags, while others may not get it at all.

Skin Tags On Face

Skin tags are present in men and as well as in women. Many times skin tags are misdiagnosed as warts and mole and vice versa.

Skin tags usually develop as people age. You can find few skin tags hanging here and there or they can be in colossal numbers.

Though skin tags are harmless, they can become aesthetically undesirable, especially when they are present on the visible part of the body such as facial skin tags and tags on eyelids and neck. Face, under arms, neck, eyelids and genital areas are common site for skin tags.

Even though skin tags are harmless, people choose to remove the skin tags with either home remedies or by other modes of treatment.

This is because, in first place they give an unpleasant look, secondly they often get cut and bleed while shaving and waxing, either on the face or in underarms. For this reason people choose to get rid of these tags.

What Causes Skin Tags On The Face?

Before suggesting any treatment for removal of facial skin tags, let us know the causes of skin tags as it may help to keep away from its further cropping.

  • The exact cause is not known.
  • At least 60% of people are prone to skin tags at some time as they age.
  • They are present in those areas where there is frequent rubbing and friction.
  • Obesity, increased blood cholesterol, diabetes, are said to be triggering factors for formation of skin tags.
  • Heredity is also a known cause for skin tags on the face. People are prone to develop facial skin tags if their parents had the same type of skin growths.
  • Skin tags are also seen to occur during pregnancy.
  • Hormonal changes are also associated with formation of facial skin tags.

Treatment For Skin Tags On Face

There are few options of how to remove skin tags on face.

The best way is to consult a dermatologist on how to remove the facial skin tags without pain. However there are people who first want to try to remove of facial skin tags at home.

  • There are several options for removal of skin tags on face, such as cutting with a sharp knife or a scalpel with a professional help. However cutting will give a scar so it is not suitable for skin tags on the face.
  • Cauterizing is another way for the removing skin tags. It is a procedure where the tag is burned with a rod called a cautery.
  • Freezing with liquid nitrogen is another method for removal of facial skin tag.
  • Of all the above procedure, laser removal gives the best result. There is minimal scarring.

Home Remedies For Removal Of Skin Tags

Those who want to try how to remove skin tags on face with home remedies, following are few of them;

  • Tie a thin string at the base of the skin tag for few days. Soon the skin tag will fall off from the face as the blood supply is cut off and the tissue becomes dead. You cannot use it on the eyelid.
  • Mix few drops of castor oil and a pinch of baking soda. Make it a thin paste and apply it on the facial skin tag, three times in a day, until it falls off.
  • Dabbing tea tree oil can also remove skin tags on face. The only thing you need is patience.
  • Apply a poultice prepared from bloodroot on the facial skin tag. Cover the poultice with a bandage. Try it for couple of days.

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