Skin Sores On Arms And Legs: Causes, Home Remedies For Sores On Skin

There are many causes for skin sores. But one thing is common; whenever skin sores occur it is for the sure your body immunity is at its low.

When skin sores appear, it hints to one of this possibilities such as; you are suffering from a skin disease, or there is something wrong within your body and it is expressing through the skin, or your skin is not agreeing with something that it has come in contact with.

What Causes Sores On The Skin?

Frequently the microorganisms are the cause for ugly looking sores.

Pus filled scabs and surrounding reddened area is the work of these organisms. They are widely divided into the bacteria, fungus, and the virus infection.

Boils, abscesses, impetigo are caused due to these tiny bacteria. Chicken pox, herpes, measles and warts occur due to viruses. Jock itch, ring worm or athlete’s feet that you come across often are caused due to the fungi.

The above three factors are not the only one that cause skin sores. There are other skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema which can open and break due to scratching and result into sores and pustules.

Besides this bites and stings such as mosquito bite or a bee sting can also result into skin sore.

Deep wounds, ulceration can be a sign of something serious going on in your body. For example bed sores. They are caused in a patient who lies for a prolonged period in the bed or sits for much of the time in a wheelchair without any movement.

Skin Sores On Arms And Legs

Skin sores on leg often occurs when there is inadequate supply of blood to that part of the skin.  Hip, knee, ankle, and heels are the common places for skin sore on the legs that are caused due to pressure.

The sores occur when a person lies in the bed for a prolonged time as in case of a serious illness, or due to spinal cord injury, or in paralysis. First the skin turns red on the pressure points, later it cracks and bleeds. Gradually the skin turns black and dead.

To prevent bed sore patient has to frequently change his position in the bed. Protect the pressure points with pillows and cushions. Keep the area clean. Keep the sores dry and exposed. Apply aloe vera gel and calendula tincture on the bed sore. He has to eat food rich in vitamins and proteins.

Home Remedies For Sores On Skin

Just like pressure sores on feet, a person lying in bed for a prolonged period of time can suffer from bed sores on the elbow and the back.

Burns can be one reason for skin sores on hand. Burns can occur as a result to overexposure to sun or minor burns on the hands while working in kitchen. Applying aloe vera gel or lotion of calendula is the simplest home remedy for treating minor burn injuries.

If skin sore is caused due to mosquito or a bug bite on hands, apply lavender oil to the affected site. Rub mint tea if there is an itch. You can also wash the area with witch hazel.

If there is a boil on the hand, apply a garlic paste or a clove oil. This helps to open the wound faster and drain the pus.