Scarring Of Skin: How To Prevent, Natural Treatment to Reduce Skin Scar

Skin ScarringĀ  Natural Treatment

A scar is fibrous tissue that takes the place of normal skin as means of biologic wound repair after the skin has suffered from injury or diseases. Apart from very minor lesions, most wounds often result in the scarring of skin.

  • Create a paste of curd, besan, and rose water and apply it to the scar. Although total removal may not be evident, but it does reduce skin scarring.
  • Applying aloe vera may help the skin from scarring since it has been used frequently to help heal skin. Either juice or gel form of aloe vera can treat scars because the juice acts as a type of natural bleach.
  • Use amalaki or Indian gooseberry on the wound as it is a natural wound healer, and it has preventive natural scar removal abilities that prevent scars from forming as the wound heals.
  • Natural honey is one of the commonly used home remedies that has the ability to treat scars. Just smear honey directly onto the scars and leave it overnight. This needs to be done on a regular basis so that the scar heals completely.
  • Green tea does more than just relax a person drinking it. Green tea can also remove light scars completely.
    To do so, blanching the green tea and then dabbing some of liquid with cotton swab and then apply it onto the scar.
  • Aside from using cucumber on eyes to reduce bruising and swelling, the vegetable can also help in reducing scars. However, this is not applied directly, rather it has to be made into a paste, applied onto the scar, and left overnight. It takes more than a single night to achieve visible results so patience is also needed.

How to Reduce Skin Scar

There are a lot more natural methods of how to prevent skin scarring. Although some require medicines, most home remedies do work better without the possible side effects.