Sarcoptic Mange In Humans: Its Symptoms And Natural Treatment?

Sarcoptic mange is the name of a disease prominently afflicting skin of domestic animals, especially dogs. The disease is caused by an itch mite called sarcoptes scabei. On rare occasion humans become unusual host of this canine mite. Close contact with pet dogs infested with sarcoptic mite is the source of transmission in humans.

The parasitic mite is extremely tiny or microscopic. It cannot be seen with naked eye. When it comes in contact with dog’s skin, it penetrates inside the skin and produces symptoms of irritation, itching, and hair loss. Under microscope sarcoptic mites look similar to spiders.

Their life is short, about 3 to 4 weeks.

The female mite burrows in the skin and lays 2 to 3 eggs per day. It dies after laying 20 to 30 eggs in one month. The eggs hatch after 6 to 10 days. The process keeps on repeating unless it is not cured with effective medicines.

Actually there are two strain of sarcoptic scabei, one which affects the domestic animals and other which predominantly affects humans. The human strain is also as contagious. It can pass on from infested person to another healthy person, if he comes in close intimate contact.

Whereas it is mostly the dog owner or handler or people in close contact with dog become susceptible to sarcoptic mange.

Symptoms Of Sarcoptic Mange In Humans

  • Itching, which is worse at night is the main symptom.
  • Scabietic mites of animals usually involve forearms, lower chest, abdomen, chest and thighs. These are the areas which come in contact with animals.
  • In children scalp, face, palms, and soles are involved which generally are spared in adults.
  • Once it burrows inside the skin, the mites produce small bumps resembling tiny pimples.
  • The lesions are thin and wavy thread like dark lines. They may be few millimeter or centimeter in length. They are usually observed in folds of skin.
  • Extreme itching and scratching can lead to secondary skin infection. Small pus filled bumps appear as a result of infection.

Sarcoptic Mange Diagnosis

  • Finding the burrow is conclusive of scabies infection.
  • The typical distribution pattern, history of pet having itching, hair loss.
  • In humans the mite is active in warm places. Itching worse at night are some of the important clues.
  • The mites can be visualized with a magnifying glass. Scrapping the skin surface and observing it under microscope is another way to confirm the disease.

How To Treat Sarcoptic Mange In Humans Naturally?

Fortunately sarcoptic mange in humans can be cured completely with a course of conventional treatment. The conventional treatment consists of ointments and lotions that are to be applied on the skin as prescribed by the physician. However, people who want to opt for home remedies, there are certain remedies that are found to be effective.

  • Mix Evening prime rose oil with ST. John’s Wort’s tincture. After mixing both the tinctures in equal quantity, apply it on the affected area. Both have properties to relieve intense itching.
  • Use peppermint herbal bath. Menthol present in mint helps to alleviate itching. It also kills the mite. You can also add spearmint, rosemary, thyme for added benefits.
  • Apply margosa oil on the affected area. It eliminates the organism trapped under the skin.
  • Tea tree oil is another effective natural remedy to kill sarcoptic scabei germs. Add few drops of tea tree oil in carrier oil such as olive oil. Now rub the affected area with the prepared oil. Apply it daily till the disease is cured completely.