What Does Ruddy Complexion Look Like? Causes & Home Remedies

Everyone is not born with flawless skin shimmering as white as the key on piano or with a clear complexion and perfect skin tone. There are several people who suffer from various skin problems such as excessively tanned skin, dry skin, acne and pimple on skin, etc. One such skin complexion is ruddy complexion. Ruddy complexion is redness and irritation on face and neck, or blotches on face and several other areas of skin. It is easy to identify as the area is reddish in appearance, blotchy and surface of skin has markedly visible broken skin capillaries.

The extent of its severity may vary depending on the underlying cause.

Ruddy skin can be caused by variety of factors that may range from environment and hereditary to disease conditions. If the redness and flushes on face is not treated, it can lead to permanent skin conditions such as rosesea. There are several skin care measures that can help to camouflage ruddy complexion even if it a temporary or permanent skin problem.

What Are The Causes Of Ruddy Complexion?

Several causes can lead to ruddy skin complexion. According to dermatologists, it is not exactly clear why a person has ruddy complexion, but they believe there is some type of abnormality of the blood vessel that might be a contributing factor.

This may cause red flushed face with broken capillaries that are visible on the surface of skin.

Here are some of the causes for ruddy complexion:

  • Hereditary: Ruddy complexion can be hereditary problem. Often people who suffer from rosacea have someone in the family suffering from this condition. It is a skin condition characterized by redness on nose, facial skin, irritation and bumps on skin. Besides this, pimple and acne is also often inherited from family members. There are certain people having increased tendency to develop red or rosy skin on face. Caucasians have increased risk of suffering from ruddy complexion.
  • Exposure to harsh weather: Exposure to excess of sun rays for a longer period of time can cause blotchy skin. It may not be sunburn but the skin appears red and fiery. Even some people have tendency to develop such skin complexion on exposure to artificial UV rays.
  • Skin allergy: Skin allergy after using cosmetic skin products, use of harsh chemical laden soaps and face wash can be triggering factor for ruddy skin.
  • Stress: The crimson flare can be caused if you are under severe mental stress. Stress can aggravate rosacea symptoms. It can also trigger hives and rashes on face and elsewhere on the body.
  • Alcohol: Excessive consumption of alcohol for long period of time can cause facial flushing and redness on cheeks. This can increase ruddy complexion.

Home Remedies For Ruddy Complexion

There are several ways and natural remedies that can help to eliminate or at least make ruddy complexion less noticeable.

  • Person having ruddy complexion must abstain from alcohol consumption. Alcohol contains properties that dehydrate skin. This will make the skin appear more red and irritated in people already having ruddy skin.
  • Eat a balanced diet consisting of fruits and vegetable. Eat foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acid. All the mentioned foods are skin friendly. They contain vitamins and minerals that help to maintain healthy skin. Avoid eating spicy and pungent food. Avoid foods that contain dyes and chemicals or processed foods.
  • In case if the underlying problem is hereditary, take cosmetic measures to conceal the redness. But take precautions that you use all products that do not cause skin allergies. Avoid using heavy foundations.
  • Stress must be managed by practicing yoga and meditation.
  • Wash your face with cool milk regularly if you have ruddy complexion. The fats, proteins and lactic acid present in milk helps to sooth the skin if case of red and irritated skin.