Ringworm In Babies Home Remedies: Symptoms Of Ringworm In Children

  • Ringworm is a contagious skin infection caused by fungus and has nothing to do with worms.
  • This is characterized by itchy and reddish but painless rings that can come out in the body or on the scalp. When this appears in the body it is medically termed as tinea corporis. If it comes out on the scalp, it is called tinea capitis.
  • This usually affects children who are 2 years old or more. However, ringworm in babies and adults can also occur.

Symptoms And Causes Of Ringworm In Babies

  • The most usual symptom of this condition is the appearance of one or more flaky patching on the body of babies.
  • The size of the ring-like rash is similar to that of a dime.
  • When this comes out, the shape is not rounded. But when it grows to about one centimeter, it creates a rough skin surrounding a smooth center.
  • The size can further grow, but will not be bigger than an inch.
  • When ringworm appears on the scalp, it does not manifest a ring-like appearance. Rather, scaly spots are present. Sometimes, there can be areas of baldness or broken hair.
  • The ringworm rash can be moist or dry.

Ringworm In Children Causes

  • Babies often acquire the ringworm from an infected individual or animal.
  • The fungal infection can be obtained from infected clothes, towels, hats, hairbrushes, or combs.
  • Babies who can walk can possibly obtain the ringworm when walking without foot wear. They may have contracted the fungus in an infected room or area.

Home Remedies For Ringworm In Babies

  • Consulting a pediatrician is the best way to know the exact management of each case of ringworm in babies.
  • Usually, anti-fungal cream for ringworm is prescribed which can also be purchased over the counter. This cream has to be applied as directed for about a month until the rash-like symptoms fade away.
  • However, to completely eradicate the fungal infection, even if the rash is gone, continue applying the cream on the affected skin for 10 days more.
  • Effective home remedies for ringworm in babies include the following:
    • Ten drops of jojoba oil with a drop of lavender oil can be applied on the affected skin six times daily.
    • Tea tree oil diluted in warm water also eases the symptoms when applied 4 times each day.
    • Slices of papaya can also be used on the ringworm patches to kill the fungus.