Nose Piercing Scar Removal Treatment | How to Remove Nose Pierced Mark

People who want nose piercing are worried if it would leave a scar if they decide to close the piercing. But if the nose piercing is done properly by a licensed professional, and infections prevented, then scarring can be limited. So here are some tips on how to avoid or minimize nose piercing scar and infection:

  • Only go to trusted piercing parlors. There are a lot of piercing parlors that are not licensed; going to these kinds of parlors can be very risky. Also, make sure that the needles used are sterilized.
  • Avoid infections by making sure the area around the piercing is always clean. Nose piercing is prone to infections because the area rarely receives nutrient-rich blood. Use anti-bacterial soaps on the piercing. If infections occur, there are medications or antibiotics that can be taken orally.
  • Always opt for gold or sterling silver because there are people who get allergic reactions with gold-plated or platinum studs. Allergic reactions can infect the piercing, and can cause bumps in the future.

Removal of Nose Piercing Scar Mark

There are some people who do not have nose piercing scar at all, but for those who have, here are some tips on how to get rid of nose pierced marks:

  • Applying tea tree oil can lighten the color of nose piercing scar, as well as other forms of scars.
  • Over the counter vitamin E, a known antioxidant which renews skin cells faster, making the nose piercing scar lighter.
  • Over-the-counter scar removal ointments can help lighten the mark faster.
  • Applying cucumber juice and lemon juice on the scar help diminish the scar. Cucumber juice is known to be rich in vitamin E while lemon juice is rich in vitamin C.
  • Mashed apples or pineapples can exfoliate the skin. Exfoliating the skin removes dead skin cells, and brightens the scar.

Treatment for Nose Pierced Scar

There are hard to remove and stubborn scars that result from nose piercings. Aside from natural remedies, here are some treatments that can help remove nose piercing marks:

  • Plastic surgery. Removing the dent caused by nose piercing is hard to remove, so seeing a plastic surgeon is the best remedy. Usually a small piece of cartilage will be used to cover the dented area.
  • Laser can be an option in treating nose piercing bumps and scars. This is non-surgical and faster.
  • Corticosteroid treatment is another alternative. This is usually administered by a dermatologist.