What Causes Redness Around Nose? What Are Its Home Remedies?

For fair skinned individuals redness around the nose may be more apparent as well as embarrassing condition. We all get temporary redness around the nose, when we are emotionally disturbed. Crying, anger, anxiety all can precipitate flushed face and nose. It is a temporary neurovascular reaction where excess blood flows in the tiny blood vessels located under the skin. It is also a physiological condition for people living in cold temperature.

However, redness around the nose becomes a cause of concern when there is no such apparent normal cause detected. Sometimes it may be associated with itching and burning sensation.

In the following paragraph let us know some of the common causes and some important medical reasons that may trigger unsightly redness around the nose.

Redness Around Nose Causes

Let us begin with some simple reasons first:

  • Your nose can become red after eating something too spicy. In fact the whole face may become flushed and red. This temporary phenomenon subsides after sometime. There is no underlying associated disease.
  • Living in cold temperature or after an emotional outburst, your nose may become red and flushed.
  • Taking sunbath for a long duration, excessive smoking can cause redness around the nose.
  • Alcohol drinking can cause temporary redness around the nose. This is due to dilatation of capillaries and resultant pooling of blood in the capillaries under the nasal skin.
  • An insect bite is another common cause for redness around the nose. Usually there is associated itching.

Causes Of Red Skin Around Nose

Some of the systemic diseases and skin conditions can also cause redness around the nose:

  • Rosacea: it is a chronic skin disease which develops gradually in middle age. It is limited to face and its central area including the nose. In the beginning there is a history of temporary flushing of face and nose after emotional stress, exposure to heat and cold or after an alcoholic drink. In due course the flushing around the nose and face becomes permanent. In men, the nose becomes enormously enlarged, red and the pores become widened. They get filled with oily masses that can be readily expressed on pressure.
  • Your nose and its surrounding area can become red due to eczema, a chronic skin condition.
  • Erysipelas is another skin condition that can cause redness around the nose. The condition is usually due to streptococcal group A bacteria. Fever, tiredness are other accompanying symptoms.
  • Psoriasis on face can cause redness on nose.
  • Allergy: any type of allergy, whether due to medicines or foods products or environmental factors.
  • A boil inside the nose is also responsible for producing pain and redness in and around the nose.

Home Remedies For Redness Around Nose

Treatment of redness around the nose completely depends on the underlying cause. If the cause is temporary such as after spicy food or exposure to sunlight, treatment may not be necessary as the condition is self resolving.

When a boil is present due to bacterial infection, antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs are useful.

Abandoning alcohol completely may alter the redness around the nose.

Certain home remedies and herbs are also valuable for reducing redness around the nose.

  • Cinnamon and peppermint oil when rubbed around the nose will increase the circulation around the nose. It should be rubbed before retiring to bed. It is useful when the cause is exposure to cold atmosphere.
  • Lemon juice when rubbed on skin rejuvenates the nasal skin and lightens the skin around the nose.
  • Increase the intake of food which contain vitamin C. It is known to strengthen the blood capillaries and increase the immunity of a person. Both are necessary for several skin disease cures.
  • Avoid steam and sauna baths when you have redness around the nose as it will aggravate the condition.
  • Avoid harmful cosmetic products on the face and nose.