Recurring Acne: Recurring Acne At Same Spot: Causes And Treatment

Acne can affect both teenagers and adults. Out-breaks do not discriminate, and may even recur frequently, much to our frustration.

Recurring Acne At Same Spot Causes

  • The commonest cause is a predisposition to the ailment
  • Next, comes a diet that is erratic and rich in fatty greasy foods
  • Dietary errors and deficiencies
  • Constipation
  • Infection
  • Poor skin care routine and hygiene

Treatment For Recurring Acne

  • There are 2 medications that are useful in the treatment of acne. The first is salicylic acid and is commonly available in toners, cleansers and astringents.
    Apply the astringent / cleanser containing salicylic acid using a cotton swab. Salicylic acid cleanses and prepares the skin for the second medication benzoyl peroxide. Strengths of 10 % or more are recommended. It goes through deep in to the skin and destroys microbes that cause acne. These 2 ingredients help tackle break outs and recurrences effectively.
  • Always wash your hands clean with soap before touching your face; this prevents transmission of germs.
  • Also, consider re-assessing your skin care products. Steer clear of skin products that have an oil base, opt for water base instead.
  • Additionally, keep your scalp clean and grease free. A greasy oily scalp can cause an acne flare up.
  • Keep pillowcases grease-free; launder them once / twice a week. Your face is in contact with the pillow case for 8 hours every night.

By ascertaining the factors that cause the acne flare up, you can eliminate acne completely and prevent recurrences.