What Causes Razor Bumps On Armpits? How To Get Rid Of Them?

Removing armpits hair has become common practice in modern days. Especially women prefer to remove their underarm hair for cosmetic reasons, or for hygiene purpose. Several methods have been adopted in doing so. Shaving is one such method which is used commonly to remove unwanted hair from armpits and bikini area.

People find it as the easiest mode to remove armpit hairs. However shaving has some pitfalls, it can cause razor bumps. Though not dangerous, razor bumps on armpits are painful as well as annoying. Most of the time the reason for razor bumps on armpits is improper shaving technique.

It is better to take preventive measures before razor bumps occur. You can also alleviate the problem by utilizing products available in your house.

What Causes Razor Bumps On Armpits?

Razor bumps occur after removal of hair from any hairy region, but they are more common in bikini area, armpit, legs, hands and face. Though shaving is the most probable cause for razor bumps, waxing, plucking can also cause bumps. They can occur in men, women as well as teenager children.

  • Close shaving with multi blades increases the risk for development of bumps.
  • Shaving in improper way such as pulling the skin tight for a close shave increases the chance of razor bumps.
  • Shaving the armpit hair against the hair growth increases the chances of razor bumps in that area.
  • Many people repeatedly apply razor strokes in the same area of the armpit.
  • People having too much curled hair have greater chance of razor bumps in armpits.

How Do You Get Rid Of Razor Bumps?

Razor bumps can be treated at home with following tips;

  • Apply warm water compresses on the armpit many times in a day. For additional benefit you can add few drops of vinegar.
  • Apply Witch Hazel or aloe vera gel. Both act as natural anti inflammatory agents.
  • If there is an ingrown hair, pluck it out with a tweezers. However, take care that tweezers are clean with spirit.
  • Apply topical antibiotic ointment on the razor bumps.

How To Prevent Razor Bumps On Armpits?

“Prevention is better than cure” the phrase has meaning in true sense. You can prevent razor bumps in armpits with few careful steps.

  • For a smooth shave, you should wet the armpit area. Once the skin becomes wet, the pores open which allow smooth shave.
  • Always use new razor and blade while shaving armpit hair. A blunt razor blade will increase friction and stretch the skin.
  • Apply a gel or shaving cream before shaving.
  • Shave armpit hair in the direction of hair growth and not against it.
  • Between every few strokes, rinse the razor.
  • Do not use harsh deodorant and antiperspirants after shaving armpit.
  • Try with electric razor if you are getting razor bumps regularly after shaving with normal blade. Electric razor does not shave as closely as normal razor blade.