Poultice For Boils: Turmeric, Herbal Poultice for Skin Infection, Boils

Turmeric Poultice for Boils

Poultice for boils is an effective way in treating skin infections accompanied by inflammation as well as chest congestion, earache, hemorrhoids, and others. Poultices are also easy-to-prepare concoctions.

Herbal Poultice for Boils

Here are some herbal poultice and other remedies you can try at home:

  • Mash and mix raw onion with warm water or plant oils to make onion poultice for boils. Put a thin layer of cloth on the skin before applying the poultice.
  • For potato poultice, get a few pieces of fresh potato and grate to make a paste.
  • Turmeric poultice for boils is also common.
    Get a teaspoon of turmeric powder and a cup of milk and directly apply on the affected area.
  • If you want to know how to make a poultice for boils, it is worth mentioning that bread and milk poultice is also effective. Just mix the bread with warm milk. Apply the resulting paste mixture on the affected area for fast relief.
  • Mash mustard seeds and mix with natural oil or water to make mustard poultice. Using a thing cloth on the skin, apply the paste directly on the cloth for the poultice to seep into the affected area.
    Do not straightly apply on the area as mustard can cause the skin to burn.
  • Plantain poultice can also be made by mashing the plantain weed. It can be applied as paste or tincture.
  • Activated charcoal also has absorbing properties and can be used as poultice to treat infections.
  • Comfrey roots or leaves also make effective poultice because of its healing properties for aches, pains, and inflammation.