Plantar Wart On Finger: Causes And How To Get Rid Of It At Home?

Warts are very common problem, especially in children. Warts appear on upper surface of skin. They are tiny non cancerous skin growths caused by specific virus called human papilloma virus (HPV). The virus is ubiquitous and so the infection is spread throughout the globe.

There are different types of HPV virus which produce different varieties of warts. Few of the most common varieties are plantar warts, genital warts and flat warts.

Plantar warts, as the name suggests occur mainly on the soles of the feet but they can sometimes be found on the palm and fingers.

Plantar warts are painful and deeply seated in the skin. They are wider at the bottom than at the top and similar to other warts they are contagious.

Plantar warts on fingers may last for a long time, but if left alone they may disappear without treatment. Usually they appear singly at the pressure site of fingers and tiny other warts are found nearby the area.

What Causes Plantar Warts On Fingers?

Plantar warts are contagious. They can transmit through direct contact from one person to another. Also it can be occurring indirectly, for example if a person having plantar warts has touched a surface or a utensil and another person touches the same thing after a while, there is possibility of the virus to get transferred to him.

If he is having cuts and bruises on his fingers or palm the possibility increases many folds.

The risk of getting warts may vary from person to person. Especially when the person is having compromised immunity he is more susceptible of suffering from warts. However, even people with healthy immune status may also suffer from warts on fingers and palm.

The incubation period of warts is about 90 days. This means once the virus enters the body; it takes 90 days for wart to occur in the body.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Plantar Warts

Often warts on fingers and palms go away on their own. However, sometimes they may take longer duration; in some cases it may be as long as 2 years. Treatment therefore becomes necessary. Several home remedies and alternative treatment effectively cures warts.

  • Avoid scratching warts as there are chances of it spreading to nearby area.
  • Duct tape is valuable in getting rid of warts. Apply a small duct tape on the wart and leave it for one week. Remove it after one week and place your finger in warm water for some time. Rub the surface of wart with pumice stone. Apply the tape once again and follow the same procedure. After a period of time the wart disappears. It may take two to three months for it to go away.
  • Homeopathic medicine thuja is time tested drug for removal of warts. Apply mother tincture of thuja everyday over the warts on finger.
  • Onions and garlic are also useful in removing warts. Chop onion or garlic and place it over the wart. Bandage it with a thin cloth and keep it overnight. Follow this procedure for few days for and effective outcome.

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