Causes of Pimples On Buttocks: Home Remedies To Clear Pimples

Pimples on buttocks or on the gluteal region are less talked about, but they are as common as zits anywhere else on the body such as face, back and in front of the chest. People usually are less concerned of butt pimples except for the discomfort and pain it produces while sitting or for women wearing swimsuits. However, if the lesions get infected and progress to form a boil, it can produce host of alarming symptoms such as fever, deep scars besides severe pain.

Medically pimples on buttocks are referred as folliculitis which occurs on surface of skin due to inflammation of hair follicle.

Deeper lesions are called nodulocytic acne. The cause of such breakouts on buttocks is same; accumulation of dirt, oil, moisture in the pores in addition to friction of clothing while sitting. The discomforting bottom blemishes can be easily treated at home with natural remedies.

What Causes Pimples On Buttocks?

The cause of pimples on buttocks is same as that of pimples present on face. People having pimples on face are susceptible to develop pimples on other areas of body including the gluteal region. Since the skin over buttocks is thicker with large pores the chances to develop pimples are high among those who are prone to such breakouts.

The large pores get blocked with dirt on skin surface, dead skin cells and oil produced by the sebaceous glands. Due to this build up, inflammatory changes occur in the hair follicle leading to pimple formation.

Pimples on buttocks develop on superficial layer of skin in the hair follicle. However, if the blocked pores get infected with bacteria present on skin surface it can progress to form a boil in deeper layer of skin. Bacteria can enter in the follicle through cuts and bruises caused after scratching itchy pimples.

Friction from clothes, moisture on buttocks due to excessive perspiration increases the risk for developing pimples on buttocks. Pimples on buttocks are more common in men due to high level of testosterone. Due to hormonal changes during teenage, breakouts are more common among teenagers than adults.

Symptoms Of Pimples On Buttocks

Pimples on buttocks begin as small bumps on the superficial surface of skin. They are tiny red bumps which may occur several at a time or as a singular lesion. After few days the lesions may turn yellow due to presence of pus. Patient is unable to sit as a result of pain and inflammation. At times both the buttocks are involved.

In many cases pimples may progress to form a boil if bacterial infection sets in the hair follicle. It is a deep seated infection resulting in excessive discomfort for the patient due to the anatomical location. An infected pimple may lead to other systemic symptoms such as fever, body ache, headache, malaise etc.

A deep seated boil may leave behind scars after healing. The skin on buttock becomes dark due to infection and inflammation which triggers more production of melanin pigment.

Home Remedies To Clear Pimples On Buttocks

In majority of cases pimples on buttocks heal without any treatment within few days or a week. However, if they remain for a longer time or they are extremely painful and large, there are several home remedies and over the counter medicines that are useful in accelerating the healing process.

  • Gentle warm compresses on buttocks help to open blocked pores and soften the pimples. They drain if they have formed pustules. Soak a clean cloth or a towel in warm water and place it over the affected area for 15 minutes. Repeat it for few days until the pimples have cleared completely.
  • Sitz bath is another important home measure to treat pimples present on gluteal region. Soak in a bathtub containing warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. Add small amount of Epsom salt. It helps to open the blocked pore and enhance the healing.
  • In case if the pimple has turned into a boil due to infection, consult your doctor. He will prescribe oral antibiotics and local antibacterial ointment to treat the condition.
  • Wash the buttock area with antibacterial soap to reduce the colonies of bacteria present on skin surface.
  • Avoid wearing too tight undergarments or thongs. It traps the moisture due to perspiration leading to irritation and formation of pimples.

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