Papular Urticaria Treatment: Cure And Causes Of Papular Urticaria

What is Papular Urticaria

Papular urticaria is a skin condition characterized by extra sensitivity against insect bites or drugs.

Papular Urticaria Causes

  • Insect bites such as wasps, bees, bed bugs, flies, caterpillars, and mosquitoes
  • Emotional agitation
  • Side effects of drugs intake such as penicillin, quinine, and aspirin
  • Digestive disorders
  • Vitamin B complex deficiency
  • Allergic reaction on foods such as strawberry, cheese, mushroom, and eggs.

Treatments for Papular Urticaria

  • Drink herbal teas such as peppermint or parsley.
  • Peppermint oil taken orally is another papular urticaria cure.
  • Observe which food causes allergic reaction, then totally avoid eating it. To prevent the occurrence of papular urticaria, eat different types of food every meal.
    Avoid eating the same dishes the whole week.
  • Get a teaspoon of table salt and dissolve it in a glass of water. Take the water with salt to induce vomiting and provide instant relief against papular urticaria.
  • Get a glass of water and mix it with two teaspoons of turmeric powder. Drink this glass every day until itching and symptoms abate.
  • Essential oils such as chamomile can also treat papular urticaria when applied topically on the affected skin area.
  • You can also use water in different forms as treatment to papular urticaria. You can use ice packs, hot and cold compress, heat pads, steam bath, warm bath, sauna, and colonic irrigation.
    For effective treatment, seek the medical advice of a professional for proper administration of the preferred method of treatment.

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  1. OJ said:

    I am Jeddah Omar. I am a student. I came to UK last year April from Nigeria. After my two months stay in London I started having a very itchy skin. I went to my Gp and they gave piriton. The piriton didn’t work. I went back and they said because I wasn’t sweating that’s why my body itches me. I started doing some exercise. During my exercise my body itches me badly to the extent I start seeing red spots on my skin. I tried bearing it but the more I bear it the itchy it becomes and I also feel like fainting. During the period of the itching my armpits sweats and underneath my breast tightens up and I feel as if my heart is secreting out something. The sweat that comes out from my armpits used to be very sticky and smelling. When I am under a hot environment my body itches badly when I am happy or anxious my body itches so badly and when I am under sunlight my body also itches badly. Because of this illness or allergy I wasn’t able to come outside my house for six months. I changed my washing powder to non biological, I also changed my soap to non biological soap and I was also giving some antihistamines and all of these did not work. So I went to Nigeria last year November 15th to meet my family doctor. When I got to Nigeria the itching became worst because Nigeria is in the hotter tropical region. My doctor had to carry out some blood test and my urine test and he said to me everything was fine. Then he said his discovery on my body is that I’m suffering from popular urticaria and it was same thing a dermatologist in London also said Professor Reno Cairo. So my family doctor gave me prednisolone,loratidine and zenditen. These drugs he gave to me worked very well for throughout my stay in Nigeria and when I came back to London December 27 the whole problems started after a week. And the drugs were not effective on my system any longer. I had to see the dermatologist who said I should stop the other drugs and take only the loratidine once a day. I was taking it and the itching still persist. I called my family doctor he said I should also add the zenditen to it which I did but as I am writing to you now the itching still persist and I am just at home. My schooling is at risk right now. Please I need your help if you would be able. I hope to get your reply ASAP.

    February 21, 2011

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