Liquid Nitrogen For Skin Tags Removal: Removing Skin Tags By Freezing

Skin tags are small extra growths from the underlying skin. They are usually hanging skin appendages that you most often see in a person’s underarm and in the neck. The other common site of skin tags is groin and on the eyelids.

Usually skin tags do not need to be removed, unless the person feels it to be unsightly and wants to remove it for cosmetic purpose. Sometimes skin tags get irritated due to friction, and it can cause mild pain and irritation. People in such circumstances opt for removing skin tags.

There are many ways to remove skin tags, either by cutting them off, or burning them or freezing. Skin tags can be cut with a medical scalpel. It can be burned with elctro cautery or skin tags can be frozen and removed with liquid nitrogen.

Removal Of Skin Tags With Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is extremely cold and when it comes in contact with a body tissue it freezes the tissue. The blood supply is cut and the tissue becomes dead. Liquid nitrogen is often used to remove many small skin lesions such as warts, skin tags, veruccas and other small skin growths.

Some other skin lesions that are effectively treated with liquid nitrogen are solar keratoses, seborrheic  keratoses, basal cell carcinomas, condyloma acuminate etc. The treatment where liquid nitrogen is used is also called cryotherapy.

The benefit of liquid nitrogen in removing the skin lesions are,

  • It produces minimal pain.
  • Results in minimal scarring.
  • Less chances of postoperative infection.
  • Takes less time than surgical procedure.
  • The cost of surgery is less as compared to conventional surgery.
  • Usually no anesthetic is required.

Disadvantage for using liquid nitrogen for skin lesions:

  • The healed skin will look little lighter than the normal surrounding skin as it destroys the skin pigments.
  • These healed lesions with liquid nitrogen need extra protection from sun.
  • It cannot be used in certain areas, especially hairy areas such as eyebrows, eyelashes, scalp, and genital regions.
  • Skin burns after use of liquid nitrogen.

 Freezing Skin Tags With Liquid Nitrogen

In this therapy a spray gun is usually used to spray the liquid nitrogen on the targeted tissue.

  •  Liquid nitrogen skin treatment can be done in a doctor’s office.
  • The doctor disinfects the skin area with an antiseptic solution before starting the procedure.
  • Once he finishes, he explains to the patient what he is going to do. It hardly hurts the patient.
  • He covers the surrounding skin with a cloth, so that the surrounding skin is not damaged.
  • With a special spray gun, the doctor shoots liquid nitrogen in that area and freezes the tissue.
  • A white snow like crust forms on the tissue, after few minutes the skin becomes normal.
  • Sometime the procedure requires to be followed two times as in case of warts etc.

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