Itchy Skin Sores On Face And Scalp: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Diseases of skin are common occurrence. They account for a great misery, suffering, incapacity and economic loss. Besides this, they are a great handicap in society because they show. Skin sores are blisters, ulcers, small bumps which occur anywhere on your body.

The sore can be itchy and painful. It can be red and inflamed. Sores are either filled with fluid or they are hard. There are various causes of sores, it can be due to infection, an insect bite, or due to environmental hazard, or it can be a symptom of underlying disease such as diabetes, skin cancer etc.

Causes & Remedies For Itchy Skin On The Face

Following skin conditions can cause itchy skin sores on the face

  • Contact dermatitis: It is an allergic reaction that develops within few hours after the contact with the offending agent (an allergen to which the person is hypersensitive). Plants, cosmetics, hair dye, eyebrow pencil, soaps, spectacle frame, etc are some of the causes of contact dermatitis. There may be bumps on the face with itching.

Remedy: Usually the symptoms recede after a period of time, however to reduce itching; apply paste prepared from sandalwood powder and rose water.

It acts effectively as a remedy in treating the condition.

  • Bite of a bed bug on the face can cause tiny blisters on face. There may be severe itching and swelling on the region of bug bite. The skin becomes red and hot to touch.

Home remedy: Prepare paste of salt and baking soda in small quantity of water. Apply it on the affected area. This simple home remedy relives bug bites itching and pain.

  • Chicken pox: It is a viral disease common in children, but sometimes adults are also infected by the virus. There are fluid filled tiny blisters which ultimately form scabs and fall off after 8 to 10 days. They appear all over the body, but more seen on face and trunk. Itching may be mild to severe.

Remedy: It is a self limiting disease; applying rose water is useful in reliving skin itch on face and on body.

Itchy Skin Sores On Scalp Symptoms And Treatment

  • Pityriasis capitis: It is also called dandruff. ¬†Diffuse scales are present on scalp. There are two varieties.
    • Dry variety: The scales are fine, thin, white, grey and dry. There is mild to moderate itching. It affects people with dry scalp.
    • Greasy variety: In this variety the scalp is oily. There are waxy greasy crusts on the scalp. Beneath the crusts, the scalp is red or pale. There is itching.

Causes: Over production of oily secretions, endocrine disorders, constipation, sedentary occupation further promotes pityriasis capitis.

Treatment: frequent washing and shampooing. Natural shampoo containing juice of Indian gooseberry is effective.

  • Scalp psoriasis: There may be fine and thin scaling of scalp skin, or there can be thick crusts or sores covering the scalp. Psoriasis on scalp can spread over the forehead, near ear and on the neck. Itching is common with scalp psoriasis.

Causes: Although the cause of psoriasis is not known, stress and environment changes are considered as triggering factors.

Treatment: condition your hair with aloe vera gel or jojoba oil, massage it regularly every night. Supplement the diet with flax seeds and flax seed oil.