Causes Of Itching On Ankles: Remedies To Get Rid Of Itchy Ankles

Itching is a common manifestation of many conditions. Many people suffer from skin itching especially on ankles and lower extremities. An itch is a type of unpleasant sensation which often leads to scratching. The itchy sensation can be due to local skin disease or may be related to a serious systemic problem.

Depending on its severity, itchy ankles can be a cause of embarrassment and annoyance for many people, especially when they are at office or attending a social gathering. Together with itching there may be many associated symptoms such as redness, swelling, watery discharge etc.

Repeated scratching on ankles can lead to bleeding and infection.

There are various causes of itchy ankles, it may be as minor as an insect bite or may be a symptom of serious systemic disease such as renal failure. There are several home remedies to treat itchy ankles such as aloe vera gel, oat meal bath etc, if you do not intend to apply over the counter creams and ointments.

What Causes Itching On Ankles And Feet?

There are various reasons for itching in ankles. Many people have sensitive skin. Their skin may not be able to bear slightest change in weather.

These people are more susceptible to itchy ankles. Local skin problems, systemic diseases both can cause itching in lower extremities and over the ankles. The risk of infection increases if you scratch your ankles. Here are some of the common reasons for itchy ankles.

  • An insect bite over the ankle is one of the common reasons for itching in this area. Together with itching there may be associated skin rash and swelling.
  • An itchy ankle is commonly associated with dryness of skin. Your skin becomes dry during winter months or in extreme hot climatic conditions. People living in cold climate are more susceptible to this dermatological condition.
  • Poor hygiene is also one of the factors. If you wear socks without washing them for days together, it may increase the risk of infection and itching in ankle area. At the same time, wearing ill fitting shoes can cause redness and swelling in ankles. Some people are allergic to synthetic material in the socks. This may produce itching around their ankles.
  • If your ankles and legs remain swollen due to kidney disease or heart disease, you may have itching in your ankles.
  • Some parasites enter through skin into the body. When they latch onto the skin surface of ankles and produce intense itching.
  • Diabetics often suffer from peripheral neuropathy and itchy ankle is one of the symptoms of diabetes peripheral neuropathy.
  • Skin eczema is common in ankles and knees. Eczema can be itchy and dry or it may be full of watery discharge.
  • Contact of your ankle skin with irritants and allergens can cause itching in this area. Skin contact with ankle bracelets, home cleaning chemicals, detergents and soaps can be one of the reasons.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Itchy Ankles

There are several home remedies that are found effective in treating itchy ankles.

  • Aloe vera is time tested natural remedy to alleviate itching. It can also be used for itchy ankles. Snap one leaf aloe vera from the plant and cut it in the center. Allow the gel to come out from the cut portion. Rub the fresh gel on affected area of ankle skin. If fresh aloe plant is not available, aloe vera gel is available in medical stores. You can apply it over itchy ankles.
  • Severe itching on ankle is relieved by applying ice. Take few cubes in a clean cloth and rub the itchy area with the wet cloth. Applying ice will soothe the skin and relieve itching sensation.
  • In majority of houses you will find calamine lotion. This lotion is soothing to the skin and the ingredients present in it work as anti itch agents. Apply liberally on your itchy ankles.
  • If your skin is dry apply moisturizing cream. It will help to reduce itching and at the same time prevent breaking of skin. Apply the cream generously two times in a day regularly to alleviate itching.
  • Prepare a paste of baking soda and apply it over the affected area of ankle. Baking soda has all qualities to alleviate itching over ankle.
  • Instead of baking soda, you can use oat meal bath to alleviate itching in ankles. Fill the bucket with water and add one cup of oatmeal. Mix it well and place your foot and ankles in the tub. Let it remain for 15 minutes. Wash your legs with water once you pull out your lower leg from the bucket.