How To Soothe Razor Burn: Soothing Razor Bumps Relief Treatment

Soothing Razor Bumps


  • One of the effective ways to soothe razor burn is by applying aloe vera gel to soothe the pain and redness.
  • You can also soothe razor burn by applying herbal creams and essential oils on the affected area.
  • Another way on how to soothe razor bump is the use of shaving cream or gel. Never shave on a dry skin. Always apply shaving cream before shaving your face to prevent razor burns or cuts.

How to Soothe Razor Burn

  • Also, another razor burn cure is the use of mild exfoliant. Apply exfoliating cream with salicylic acid every day to get rid of dead skin cells that could clog pores and prevent oxygen from getting into affected area.
  • To prevent razor burns, learn the proper way of shaving. Do not shave against the hair growth and avoid shaving the same spot more than twice as this could scratch the skin surface and leave razor bumps.
  • The use of tea tree oil is also one of the ways to soothe those razor burns. Lather tea tree oil on the affected area for fast pain relief and healing.
  • Avoid scratching the area where there are razor burns. Instead of treating the bumps, scratching would only worsen the pain and irritation.
  • You can also prevent razor bumps by using sharp razors for shaving.
    Dull razors make shaving more difficult and could leave razor bumps because of its dullness. Using old and blunt razors can also cause skin infections.