Symptoms Of Freckles On Nose: Natural Home Remedies To Remove It

Freckles are tiny, flat, circular, dark spots on skin which may range as small as the size of pinhead to about 3mm. Freckles are easily identified as dark brown or black spots with surrounding lighter skin. They usually develop on skin surface which is frequently exposed to sunlight.

Freckles are more apparent on face, especially on and around the nose. They may also appear on other exposed parts of body such as on shoulder, chest and neck area. People with light and fair skin are more prone to freckles.

There is an underlying hereditary factor which may be responsible for freckles to develop in an individual.

The problem may run in families. Freckles are harmless and they do not pose any serious medical problem. However, people may not like freckles for their unsightly appearance especially when they are present on nose and face.

Types And Symptoms Of Freckles On Nose

Freckles can be distinguished into two varieties, ephelides and lentigines.

  • Ephelides: They are flat, red or brown spots which usually become dark in summer and fade in winter months. Ephelides have hereditary tendency.
  • Lentigines: They are small spots with dark brown or black color. These spots are darker than ephelides. Lentigines are commonly referred as liver spots or age spots.
    They are more common in older people having frequent exposure to sunlight. Unlike ephelides, lentigines remain dark even in winter. Lentigines also has genetic trait.

Freckles are rare in infants. They are common among teenagers and adults. During puberty lot many hormonal changes occur. One of the reasons of freckles in pubertal age is over stimulation of melanin pigment by estrogen hormone.

Home Remedies To Remove Freckles From Face

Freckles are harmless and may not require any treatment. However, many people have a cosmetic concern for their unsightly appearance. Freckles can be treated conventionally by bleaching cream, chemical peels, intense pulsed light therapy, cryosurgery etc. If you prefer to treat them at home, there are many natural ingredients which may help to eliminate freckles from nose.

  • Wash your nose with sour milk. It is the best natural remedy to deal with freckles. After applying it, let it remain for few minutes before washing the nose with tap water. Sour milk contains lactic acid which helps to peel the skin gently without drying it.
  • Lemon is a time tested remedy for freckles. Apply lemon juice on your nose. The bleaching quality of lemon will make the spots appear light. Apply it regularly.
  • Warm small amount of honey. Apply it on the nose. A word of caution, see that honey is not too warm to cause burn. Once the thin layer of honey becomes cool, peel the mask gently with cold water.
  • Castor oil is found beneficial in removing freckles. Apply castor oil regularly on your nose before going to bed if you have freckles on nose.
  • Mix sugar in lemon juice till it forms a thick liquid. Apply the prepared liquid on the dark spots with a brush. Rinse your face after 15 minutes.
  • Prepare a paste by grinding mustard and mixing it with milk. Apply the thick paste on your nose at night. Wash your face in the morning with warm water. Follow it three times in a week. After few weeks the freckles will fade.