Eyebrow Waxing Procedure: How To Heal An Eyebrow Wax Burn?

Waxing is a common and frequently used technique by many women to remove unwanted hair from different parts of their body, including eyebrows. It is an easy and effective way to groom the eyebrows. Many women and for that matter even men, who are tired of plucking their eyebrow hair opt for an alternative. Eyebrow waxing is one such technique that they rely on.

Eyebrow waxing gives a cleaner eyebrow line. This is especially useful for people having fine and thin eyebrow hairs. For them plucking each thin hair with tweezers is a difficult task.

Besides, people prefer to have short term pain of waxing rather than long term pain that is caused by plucking eye eyebrow hair. Having said this, you should not forget about eyebrow wax burn. It is one of its important disadvantages.

Generally for an eyebrow wax procedure, heated wax is applied on the hair of eyebrows that are to be removed. Once the unwanted hair gets bonded with wax, a muslin cloth strip is placed over it and pulled quickly. By doing so, the hair are ripped off from the root instantly.

Since hot wax is used for eyebrow waxing, more care should be taken as it involves sensitive area around the eye. Many times minor burns and irritation can occur.  If you have minor burns on the eyebrows while doing waxing, it can be treated effectively at home. However, if there is serious burn injury with blister formation, you should seek medical attention.

How To Treat Eyebrow Burns From Waxing?

Ways to heal an eyebrow burn wax:

  • Apply cold compression over the burns. Take a clean cloth, dip it in cold water and apply it on the eyebrows. It will reduce inflammation and pain associated with burn. Do not apply ice directly over the burnt area as this may irritate the region rather than curing it.
  • Aloe Vera gel: application of Aloe Vera gel over any burn is effective. Apply it two to three times in a day. Gel is more effective than Aloe Vera cream. You can also apply Aloe Vera gel which is kept in refrigerator. This will give additional cooling effect.
  • You should also apply an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection. Antibiotic ointment also speeds up the healing process.
  • If the skin is broken or if there are blisters, than seek medical help rather than treating the burns on your own.
  • Also you should not apply any makeup for few days. Make up generally contain chemicals which may prove harmful and irritate the delicate skin around the burned eyebrow area. Makeup also prevents the skin to breathe properly.
  • If pain and burning is unbearable, a mild painkiller may be useful.
  • Sometimes if the eyebrow wax burn is deep seated, it can lead to scar formation. To prevent such incidence you should not do this procedure at home. You should always consider doing eyebrow waxing with the help of a professional.
  • Avoid waxing the eyebrows frequently as this may put you at risk from wax burn. Doing eyebrow wax once in a month is the best option to prevent annoying minor burn.
  • Also apply vitamin E oil on the area as it contains elements which initiate fast healing process.
  • Whatever you apply over the burnt area of the eyebrows, take care that it should not go in your eyes.