Eczema On Thighs: Causes And Treatment For Dermatitis On Legs

Eczema is a condition where there is thickening of skin, with associated itching. It can occur in any part of body. Eczema on thigh starts as red bumps, which gradually change the color to dark brown. Blisters occasionally form before the skin thickens.

Eczema On Thighs

Eczema on thighs can be misdiagnosed with fungal infection of thighs, such as ringworm infection.

There is circular ring with a plain surface of skin in the middle of the ring, in ringworm disease. But eczema can be of any shape, in both there is scaling of skin.

Ringworm occurs when there is more moisture, but eczema can occur in dry as well as moist areas.

Causes Of Eczema

Eczema can result due to an allergy or contact with a chemical or constant friction on that part. Though many times the cause of eczema is uncertain in the inner thighs, friction between the thighs and tight clothing may be responsible for eczema on inner thighs. Obesity further aggravates eczematous symptoms.

Types Of Dermatitis On Legs

The best way to confirm and treat eczema is to get it confirmed by a doctor in first place.

He will be able to distinguish eczema in inner thighs with any other infections.

He will aid you to identify the allergens and various other causes for eczema. He may prescribe antihistaminic and other medicines to treat it. If there is any fungal infection imitating eczema, he will consider anti fungal medicines.

It is always fruitful to consult a doctor when the eczema on the inner thighs is under nascent stage.

Treatment For Eczema

Homeopathic drugs such as graphites, sulphur, are beneficial in treating eczema. As homeopathy system of medicine believes in individualization, it is important to consult a good homeopath rather than self medication.

You should wear loose clothing, reduce obesity, wear cotton clothing as synthetic material can cause allergy in some individuals.