Symptoms Of Comedonal Acne: Causes And How To Get Rid Of it?

Everyone desires to have smooth and flawless skin. People try various ways to maintain healthy complexion. But certain factors such as acne make it difficult. Even if we try all means, acne breakouts some times are not in our control. Comedonal acne is one such condition which usually occurs on face, mainly the chin and forehead. It is common form of acne.

Comedonal acne is of two types; blackhead and whitehead acne. Blackheads are open acne with a dark black point on its head. Whiteheads are closed acne with a thin membrane covering.

These skin bumps mainly develop during teenage and may continue to adulthood.

Comedonal acne generally develops in people with oily skin. It forms when the pores get blocked with too much of oil, dirt and bacteria. They are milder form of acne. Many people prefer to take natural remedies to cure the condition instead of conventional acne creams because natural remedies are devoid of side effects.

Causes Of Comedonal Acne

Comedonal acne develops beneath the surface of skin. They are more common in teenagers and people in their early twenties. Men and women are equally affected afflicted with this skin problem.

The main two reasons for comedonal acne are blocked skin pores and acne bacteria present on skin surface.

It develops when the oil glands under the skin produces too much of oil. Dirt on skin surface, bacteria, and sebum (oil) when blocks the skin pore it results into acne comedones. Certain factors increase the tendency for its development.

  • Increase in testosterone hormone which increases sebum production.
  • It is more common in smokers than people who do not smoke.
  • People who eat more sugar and dairy products.
  • Less linoleic acid in the sebum. This essential fatty acid present in sebum helps to keep the skin pores clean.
  • Excessive use of moisturizer and cosmetic products that block the skin pores.

Types And Symptoms Of Comedonal Acne

Comedonal acne is one form of acne. There are different types of comedinal acne such as blackheads, white heads, macromedones, minromedones, giant comedo and solar comedo. Comedones are found mainly of forehead, on the side of nose.

Blackheads are inside the skin with a typical black spot on the surface of skin. Blackheads are open and the color black is due to oxidation of the oil when it comes in contact with oxygen in atmosphere. Whiteheads are closed comedone as a thin layer of skin cells cover it. Whitehead causes bump over the skin.

Macrocomedones are large in size, approximately 2 to 3 mm in diameter. They are not common. Giant comedone acne typically appears like a cyst. It has an opening and looks like a large blackhead. They develop along the jawline and on the cheek.

How To Get Rid Of Comedonal Acne Naturally?

Comedone acne usually occurs on cheek, chin, forehead and around the nose. Mainly two types of comedone acne are present, blackhead and whitehead. There are several creams and gels available in medical stores to remove them besides skin treatment such as dermabrassion and laser.

However, natural remedies are as effective and economic than the conventional skin treatment. Follow these steps to remove them:

  • Clean and wash your facial skin with water at least two times in a day. Proper cleaning removes dirt and excess of oil from the skin. However, avoid overdoing it as it may stimulate oil production and aggravate the condition.
  • Use a gentle and non drying soap to wash your face.
  • Use a facial scrub to exfoliate the skin and open up the acne comedone having dead skin cells.
  • If your skin is too oily, clean your face with clean towel so that excess of oil does not remain on your face.
  • Apply aloe gel. It has natural anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties which help in reducing inflammation and destroy the bacteria.
  • Apply a scrub prepared by mixing oatmeal and rose water. Massage the prepared scrub on your face. Let the mask remain for 10 minutes before you wash your face with water.