Chemical Peel Side Effects: Risks, Dangers Of Chemical Peels For Skin

A chemical peel uses certain acids and chemicals to peel off the damaged and blemished outer skin layer for a better, younger looking skin. There are many different formulas that can be used, depending on the level of peeling that the patient needs.

Side Effects Of Chemical Peel For Skin

Chemical peel is effective in removing blemishes and damage from the skin on the face. However, no matter how effective this procedure is, it does come with certain side effects that patients must be aware of before undergoing the procedure. Of course, not all the patients who have undergone a chemical peel experience these side effects.

Some of the common side effects of chemical peel are:

  • Burning sensation. Because the procedure uses harsh acids and chemicals, it is expected that the patient will experience burning sensations. Still, the less harsh peels will produce only mild burning sensations.
  • There is also a high risk of the patient experiencing redness on the skin. However, this is often just temporary.

Dangers And Risks Of Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel Dangers

Patients should understand that there really are dangers to chemical peels. After all, strong acids and chemicals like phenol are being used in the procedure.

  • There is always a danger that the patient is allergic to the chemicals so that intense reactions will occur.
  • The patient may also experience irritation on the skin treated with the chemicals. These irritations could worsen to form scabs and crusting that could actually leave scars on the face.

Risks Of Chemical Peel

There are also associated risks to chemical peel.

  • Peeling, of course, this is what the procedure will surely result in. However, there is a limit as to what is expected and what can be merely a side effect, which could actually cause scarring. The problem here is how the patient can distinguish between the two.
  • Skin discoloration might also occur and it is often temporary.