Causes Of Chapped Knuckles: Natural Remedies For Chapped Skin

Chapped skin is a common problem faced by many people during winter. It is more common in people whose skin is sensitive. The skin becomes chapped or rough, dry and scaly in certain areas of body where it is less elastic and thick. Chapped skin is frequently observed in areas where there is constant movement such as on knuckles, elbow, angle of mouth, region between the toes etc.

Chapped knuckles are often a frustrating and painful problem as the skin over it develops cracks and fissures. In some cases it bleeds. Person suffering from chapped knuckles finds difficulty in doing his normal daily work.

Come winter and most people take care of their face but they forget to take care of their hands.

Chapped skin over the knuckles can be easily treated at home by applying moisturizers, reducing exposure to substances which produce dry skin etc.

What Causes Chapped Skin On Knuckles?

The primary cause for chapped knuckles is that the skin around your knuckles is less elastic and thick. It has tendency to become dry and crack in this area, especially in those who have genetic tendency. Cold and dry air together with lack of humidity can rob off layer of oil present naturally on skin surface.

This leads to itching, dryness and chapping.

Chapped knuckles are also common in elderly individuals. This is because as a person grows older the production of natural oil on skin surface reduces. It makes the skin dry and parched. As knuckles have frequent movement, the skin over it has tendency to get chapped easily.

Aside from extreme fluctuations in temperature, certain other factors can damage the skin around knuckles such as use of chemicals, soaps and detergents. Even frequent washing of hands, especially in cold climate may cause dryness of hands and knuckles.

Moreover knuckles are exposed to frequent pressure and rubbing and this may lead to chapped skin over knuckles.

Certain skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema can also cause chapped knuckles the skin over it is affected.

Natural Remedies To Heal Chapped Knuckles

Chapped skin over knuckles and hands is not a serious problem, but when present it can produce discomfort in daily routine activity of a person. A special care should be taken to prevent secondary bacterial infection which is likely to occur due to cracks and fissures.

In most cases simple home remedies can cure chapped knuckles easily. It may not only solve the problem, but in many cases it may also prevent future episodes.

Skin moisturizer helps to clear of the condition when applied regularly. The best natural skin moisturizers are oils. Almond oil is good as vitamin E is present in it. This vitamin is a skin food.

  • Take three teaspoon of almond oil and one glass of buttermilk. Mix it well in a bowl. Apply and massage it regularly over the knuckles. Once you apply and gently massage, wear cotton gloves over it to prevent dryness. Clean your hands after 5 to 6 hours.
  • During dry weather you can apply calendula ointment over the chapped knuckles. Calendula is mild antibacterial ointment and also contains other ingredients which make the skin smooth.
  • After bathing or washing your hands apply coconut oil liberally over the affected area.
  • Use gloves while doing work in water. It will prevent coming in contact directly with soaps and detergents.