Bumpy Skin Rash: Causes, How to Get Rid of Red, Itchy Rashes, Bumps on Skin

Causes of Bumpy Skin Rash

  • Any type of skin rash is difficult to diagnose and treat until some observation time is allotted to see what caused it, what seems to help it, and what makes it worse.
  • Generally the bumps skin rashes causes that is itchy and red can be the result of either an insect bite, or hives from some allergen.
  • Allergens are difficult to pinpoint. They can be food or environmental exposures.
    They can be the result of a new personal care product, like soaps or lotions, or household cleaners like laundry detergent or floor cleaners.
  • It is important to back track your steps and discern what likely causes may be.

How to Get Rid of Bumpy Skin Rashes

  • Determine what may be the cause. Think about any new foods you may have recently tried. It would not be anything you only tried once, because allergic reactions can only occur after repeated exposure.

  • You may recall sitting outside at night and a lot of bugs being in the area. If you were recently in wooded areas, you may have brushed against some toxic substance that caused the irritation.

  • If any rash spreads rapidly over large areas of the body, develops extreme pain, or you are having difficulty breathing, seek medical help immediately.

  • Otherwise there are some basic bumpy skin rash remedies that can at least give you some relief until you can figure out what the real cause is.

  • Cool compresses can decrease the inflammation of a lumpy, bumpy rash. Applying natural aloe vera from the plant can soothe and promote healing.

  • Soaking areas with salt water, patting dry, and applying apple cider vinegar will help tremendously with the swelling and itchiness.

  • Oatmeal compresses or soaks can also be a benefit to red, itchy, swollen, rashes. Oatmeal will help retain moisture in the skin, therefore easing dry, tight, itchy skin.

  • Eliminate irritants as needed.