Prevention Of Bruising From Waxing: Home Remedies To Heal Bruising

There are many ways to remove unwanted hairs, waxing is time honored way to remove them. Although waxing is an easy and quick way to remove hairs, it has numerous side effects of which some are long term and some heal after a while.

Some of the common side effect of waxing is pain, redness, skin soreness and bruising. Bruising and bleeding marks on the skin surface may be an undesired thing which no one would like to have, especially in bikini area in women. In waxing the hair is ripped from the hair roots in a one go.

Waxing can be done anywhere on the hairy surface. Women commonly do it on legs, hands and in bikini area. Bruising generally occurs due to wrong technique of waxing. It is also possible when the person is very thin and the blood vessels are near the skin surface. Between the skin and blood vessels there is less amount of tissue.

If you are taking any blood thinning medicine there is a chance of bruising after waxing. Person having blood discracias may also tend to bruise after waxing. Taking into consideration all the causative factors, you can still prevent bruising.

How To Prevent Bruising From Waxing?

Here are some tips for the prevention of bruising after waxing:

  • Do not wax your skin for few days before menses. The skin during this period is very sensitive and the blood vessels become extremely fragile during this period. Slightest trauma and cut may be the cause for bruising.
  • If you are on certain blood thinning medicine, you are at a risk of getting bruised after waxing. So avoid waxing during this period.
  • The hair is coarse in certain area such as that of the pubic region. Care should be taken while waxing this area. The wax in such case should be removed from little areas at a time. This is because removing it in one full rip can lead to bleeding.
  • Avoid waxing on the day you have exfoliated your skin. Skin exfoliation and waxing on the same day increases the chance of bruising.
  • Hold your skin taut at the time of waxing. This will prevent bruising.
  • Use right amount of wax on the skin to remove hairs. If the wax is in excess, you may require more force to remove it and this may cause bruising.

Home Remedies To Heal Bruises After Waxing

In most cases bruise caused as a result of waxing is not serious and it heals on its own. However, there are several things which are known to promote healing of a bruise.

  • Wash the waxed skin area very gently with cool water. Do not use body scrubs and chemical based soaps as this may irritate the already tender waxed skin surface.
  • Parsley leaves are known to speed up the healing process of bruised skin after waxing. Crush some parsley leaves and spread them on bruised area. To keep them in place, apply adhesive bandage or a gauge on the leaves.
  • Include vitamin C containing food and fruit in your diet. Vitamin C is known to strengthen the fragile blood vessels. When the blood capillaries become strong, there is less chance of leakage of blood which is the main reason for bruising.
  • Keep your waxed skin well hydrated by using a moisturizer. This will help in healing the bruise easily.
  • Also apply cold compression on bruised area.
  • Apply witch hazel on the bruised waxed skin. It reduces skin irritation and inflammation which occurs after bruising.