Blood Clots In Legs Symptoms: Causes Of Clots In Knee And Legs

Question: I have been having blood clots on my thigh and legs for years and it comes and goes sometimes big and small at times I have head aches, neck pain, my shit is clay and I easily catch cold. My appetite fluctuates and I have lost a bit of weight. I sometimes have chest pain and breathing problem and I feel dizzy and nauseous sometimes, once I woke up with a blood patch on my left eye. What is wrong with me?

What Causes Blood Clots In The Legs And Thigh?

Answer: The blood clots what you are mentioning are in fact looks to be purpuras.

Purpura are the muscular lesions (> 3mm) arising in the mucus membrane or the skin due to hemorrhage in the skin with or without inflammation.

Tiny purpuric spots (< 2mm) are termed as petechiae. Larger ones are called eccymoses.

They are usually brownish red or purple in color. They do not blanch with pressure.

Causes Of Blood Clots In Legs And Knees

Purpuras result due to leaking of blood from the blood vessels into the skin. This leaking is from the capillaries of the skin. One can observe such spots when there is direct trauma in a normal person, but these are usually ecchymoses.

Petechiae are result of abnormal platelet mechanism. They are neither palpable nor inflamed.

Causes can be due to decreased platelet count, leukemia, vitamin B12 deficiency, scurvy, cushing’s syndrome, hereditary disorders, idiopathic, viral diseases like dengue fever, cold and flu virus.

Blood Clots In Legs Symptoms

Your symptoms require a detailed blood investigation and an evaluation by a hematologist to rule out any serious disease.

There is no symptomatic treatment available. You have to get treated with the specific therapy according to the cause of blood clot or the purpura in your case.