Natural Ways To Remove Blackheads On Chest: What Are Its Causes?

Blackheads are tiny black spots that appear on skin surface. They occur when the hair follicles are clogged. “Blackheads” are named so because they appear dark or black in color. Normally when we talk about blackheads, we refer to black tiny bumps on face. However, blackheads can also develop on back, chest, neck and arms.

Blackheads are not harmful, but their presence on chest may be quite embarrassing, especially for women who are more conscious of their beauty. Blackheads can also appear on men’s chest. In fact blackheads are mild form of acne.

Chest is a favorable spot for blackheads to pop up because the sweat glands in that area produce sweat all through the day.

This annoying unsightly skin issue can be cleared up with variety of measures, some of which are effective home remedies.

What Causes Blackheads On Chest?

Blackheads on chest are formed when the skin pore in the chest area is clogged. Each pore on skin surface consists of hair follicle and sebaceous gland which produces oil called sebum. The main function of sebum is to keep the skin surface soft.

When dead skin cells and oil collect and block the skin pore, a bump develops which we call as comedone.

If the bump remains closed we call it as whitehead. But if the skin over the bump remains open the melanin pigment in it oxidizes and the color changes to black. Hence blackhead is formed.

There are several factors which increase the risk of development of blackheads on chest such as:

  • Increased production of oil in chest area.
  • Hereditary tendency to form blackheads.
  • Hormonal changes during puberty and pregnancy may produce increased production of sebum in chest area. In some women blackheads develop before their period begins.
  • Blackheads on chest are also common among women who consume birth control pills.
  • Excessive stress can also trigger blackhead formation on face as well as on chest.

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads On Chest Naturally?

Both men and women have to struggle to clean up those unsightly black spots on their chest. The basic necessity is to reduce production of oil from the sebaceous gland and to prevent dead skin cells getting stuck up in the pores. Below are given tips to remove blackheads at home.

  • Wash the chest area two times in a day with warm water. It helps in removing dead skin cells and dirt accumulated on the skin surface.
  • Use over the counter blackhead treatment products which contain sulfur, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Read the instructions carefully before using the product.
  • Avoid using any oil based soaps or cleansing agent on chest area. Look for products which actually state that they are oil free.
  • The use of natural substance such as clay on the affected chest skin is extremely beneficial. Green clay should be made into a mud like consistency and applied to the area several times in a week for an hour. Wash it dries wash the area with cool water. Clay is soothing and cleansing.
  • Use of exfoliating body scrub on chest area is also suitable to remove dirt and dead skin cells which can block the pores once the skin begins to sweat.

There are several other medical options available such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, manual removal and laser removal. But they are costly and the procedure requires to be done at dermatologist’s office.