Allergic Reaction To Metal: Symptoms And Treatment For Metal Allergy Rash

You may come across many women who complain of allergic reaction at the site where they wear jewellery. It can be on pinna of their ears, on belly button or around the neck.

Metal Allergy Causes And Symptoms

Allergic reaction to this metal jewellery is also called as contact dermatitis. The delicate skin reacts to the metal component and gives rise to symptoms such as rash, itching, crusts and blisters. If untreated secondary bacterial infection can occur in such patients.

Nickel and copper metals used in ornaments are the two components which are blamed to cause allergic reaction on the skin.

Allergic Reaction To Metal Implants

Nickel and copper dissolves to form salts when they come in contact with moisture, perspiration and water during bathing. This salt reacts with the skin to cause allergic symptoms.

Copper buttons, wrist watch straps and metal coated key pad on a cell phone can also irritate the skin to cause allergy.

Treatment For Metal Allergy From Jewellery

Ways to treat and prevent metal allergies:

  • Do not wear cheap jewellery which contains excess of nickel and copper.
  • Remove the allergic jewellery at first instance.
  • Clean the skin liberally with water and avoid infection.
  • Steroid containing creams are often prescribed by doctors to lessen the symptoms.
  • Aloe vera gel often works as a home remedy in treating metal allergies due to its antiseptic and anti allergic properties.

If there is no improvement with the above suggested ways, you should consult a dermatologist for a prescription remedy.