How To Get Rid Of Acne On Your Buttocks? What Causes Acne Scars?

Acne is a skin condition that many of us may have experienced in our teenage years. In most cases they appear on face, chest and back. Acne on buttocks is always a lifetime experience. It is most discomforting and painful. You are unable to sit and perform your desk work when you have acne on your gluteal (buttocks) region. At times these skin lesions become irritable due to constant friction with clothes. They restrict all your regular activities.

Acne on buttocks often leaves unsightly scarring; the skin around buttocks is thick and the pores are large.

For this reason scars of acne on buttock are large and severe. Acne on buttocks is filled with blood or with pus. When left untreated they burst and release fluid and pus.

What Causes Acne On Buttocks?

Acne generally has hereditary trait. However, acne on buttocks is usually linked to hormonal changes. Hormonal imbalances that are observed during puberty, menstruation and pregnancy are few triggering factors for development of acne on buttocks.

There are several triggering factors responsible for the outbreak of acne in buttocks.

  • For many people who have delicate skin, soaps and detergents become a triggering factor for development of acne.
  • Increased perspiration in and around buttocks can lead to formation of acne in that area. Tight fitting clothes can cause excessive perspiration.
  • Inflammation of hair follicles in the area giving rise to a condition called folliculitis can be a reason for acne in butt area.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars On Your Buttocks?

Since acne on buttocks is painful and distressing, patient would always like to get fast relief. He is not able to sit properly or move about normally. The first step is to reduce sweating and keeping the buttock area clean.

Taking bath twice in a day is beneficial. Clean the area with clean and dry towel.

Most of the time, acne on buttocks gets healed on its own if it is not severe. However, when there is associated pain and formation of boil like eruption, it is necessary to seek doctor’s advice.

In severe cases, patient may be prescribed topical anti bacterial ointment. In case if there is pus formation in the lesions, additional oral antibiotics are generally recommended by dermatologists. However, any medications should always be taken only when it prescribed by the doctor.

  • Drink enough water when you suffer from acne in buttocks. Drinking water helps to eliminate toxins accumulated in the body. Ultimately it helps in healing the acne.
  • Ensure that the fabrics that you wear are made up of cotton, especially the inner garments for free air movement.
  • At times acne on buttocks leaves scars. To remove these scars, dermabrasion is the most effective technique used.
  • Laser is another important technique used for resurfacing scared buttock skin. Laser helps to stimulate production of collagen, cells which form the basic skin structure.
  • Chemical peel is another technique used by dermatologists in reducing the acne scar.
  • Regularly applying aloe vera will also help to reduce the appearance of scar tissue on buttocks and make the skin smother.
  • Paste prepared from baking soda exfoliates the upper layer of scar tissue. Regular application will fade the scar tissue and also clean the pores from the skin surface.
  • Other home remedies found useful in fading the acne scar is application of cucumber paste and olive oil.