Causes And Symptoms Boils: Natural Treatment For Skin Boils

Boils are abscesses on the skin generally caused by an infection from the Staphylococcus bacteria. Boils start off as tender spots that gradually become inflamed and can be quite tender to the touch. The bacteria cause white infection fighting cells to accumulate in mass and form a hard core deep under the skin.

Fever and chills may accompany a boil infection as well. Boils are highly contagious and care should be taken while they are present. For example, avoid touching the infected area or the infection can spread. Also avoid cooking and handling food for others.

The Staphylococcus bacteria is present everywhere and isn’t always a threat. However, sometimes when there is a break in the skin an infection can occur resulting in a furuncle or a carbuncle. Also deep cystic acne can also lead to a boil forming. Furuncles are isolated boil lesions and carbuncles are multiple furuncles each with their own head.

During a boil outbreak multiple lesions or carbuncles are fairly common. When several abscesses form under armpits, it’s called Hidradenitis suppurativa. This form of boils may also appear in the groin area and is related to blocked sweat glands.

Boils may also form on the butt and when they do, they are extremely uncomfortable and can be quite painful. They form in the crack and are called Pilonidal cysts. Taking long trips without taking a break or prolonged sitting may increase the risk associated with Pilonidal cysts.

Question from User: I tried to squeeze boil which ruptured under the skin. It is still inflamed with a deep bruising around the surrounding area. I also have a fever resistant to Tylenol. I was feeling better after taking Avelox for 7 days but 24 hours after the final dose, the fever was back with the boil still present.

Answer: A pustule or a boil is a collection of pus.

  • Boil is a localized, external manifestation of the toxic condition of the body.
  • A stubborn boil of long standing / multiple boils / a neglected or maltreated boil result in systemic infection which is characterized by fever.

What is the site where the boil has occurred? How high is the fever?
Avoid the use of suppressants. They produce only temporary respite.


Natural Treatment For Skin Boils

While sometimes boils will have to be surgically removed, in most cases they can be treated without such drastic measures. Many boils for instance go away on their own. Other boils rupture with a pus discharge made from necrotic debris.

Whenever a boil is indicated proper care should include reducing the spread of infection through proper cleaning and dressing as well as disposal of soiled bandages.

  • Homoeopathy medicine, Silicea 6X, should be taken 2 hourly, till the boil subsides. Silicea causes quick suppuration and discharge of pus.
  • Do not pick the boil. Constant picking and fidgeting causes the infection to spread.
  • Hygiene is of prime importance. Clean the boil and the surrounding area well.
  • Maintain optimum cleanliness while shaving or epilating.
  • Improper management at this stage could worsen the situation. A maltreated pustule could form an abscess, which might require surgical intervention.
  • A complete overhaul of the body is required to detoxify. Embark on a fast for 1 week. This will speed up the cure. Abstain from any kind of refined, processed and denatured foods. These foods are depleted of any of the vital nutrients that are necessary for the body. Furthermore, they add to the toxic condition already prevalent and thus impede cure.
  • Satisfactory bowel movement also plays a very crucial role in detoxification. Drink at least 3 liters of water daily. Water not only keeps the body hydrated, but also flushes out toxins and bacterial products, thus stepping up the immunity.