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Question: I am suffering from Urticaria since last 6 months. I consulted an MBBS as well as MD, but still not getting result and the issue remained the same. I think the triggers are not being identified in my case.  I have acidity and cough issue since long, maybe this can be the reason. Since last 6 months I used to eat regular food and get Urticaria attack with red marks on body specially on hand, legs and stomach. Before going to sleep I again get attack.


Urticaria is a common skin condition characterized by acute development of itchy weals or swellings in the skin due to leaky dermal vessels.

It occurs anywhere on the skin and lasts between minutes to hours, before resolving spontaneously.
These weals are intensely itchy.

What is the exact site? How long does an episode last?
Is there an attack every single day? How many attacks in 1 day?
Are you prone to recurrent cold and cough?
Any other allergies?
Is there a family history?
When did the very first attack occur and what caused it?

What Causes Urticaria?

  • Cold
  • Heat
  • Stress
  • Deep pressure
  • Sun
  • Irritants – contact agents or food products.

A very careful and detailed history taking is an important factor in the management and treatment of urticaria.

Treatment for Urticaria:

  • Ascertaining the cause is of leading importance. If the triggering factors are cold/ heat/pressure, urticaria is reproducible by applying the stimulus and the diagnosis is made.
  • Stress causes psycho-somatic urticaria. The under lying stressor needs to be located and dealt with immediately. This is where stress-busting techniques and counseling come in.
  • Watch your food, clothing, cosmetics.
  • Avoid ready-to-eat foods packets, tinned/canned foods, foods with preservatives, coloring agents and various additives to prevent urticaria. Always check the date of manufacture and expiry. These precautionary measures will go a long way in allaying an attack.
  • Avoid synthetic materials close to the body. Also, take care of the cosmetics that you use.
  • Let your diet comprise of large helpings of mango, papaya, oranges, limes, melons, goose berries. These are skin foods.
  • Have at least 1 glass of cold milk daily. This will work to cure urticaria as well as acidity.

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