Steam Burn | Treatment and Home Remedies for Steam Burns Relief

Causes of Steam Burns on Body or Skin

A steam burn is obtained out of having close contact with a steam cooker or boiling water. The steam coming out of a scalding or boiling substance is what constitutes the burn. The degree of injury depends on the severity of the burn.

Treating a steam burn should be administered properly to prevent scarring or worsening of the condition. There are several treatment for steam burns that you can apply but for first aid purposes, it would be better if you apply organic or natural treatment since most home remedies for steam burn do not contain harsh chemicals that may further hurt your or the person afflicted.

How to Treat a Steam Burn Naturally with Home Remedies

Getting burned with steam usually happens as an accident. The most important thing you should do during accidents is to stay calm. Knowing how to treat a steam burn is also essential especially if you are far from hospitals and health clinics. The following include home remedies you can immediately apply after the accident and the things you must do in such cases.

  • Apply a herbal cooling lotion on the steam burn. Aloe vera gel is one of the most effective cooling gels for minor burns.
  • Avoid rinsing the affected area because it will hurt further rather than making the burning sensation disappear.
  • Apply honey on the affected area then get a plastic flexible wrap to cover the burnt skin part. Seal the area with gauze and leave it for two days. After two days, open the wrapped skin area and pour another layer of honey. Do not rinse the area because doing so would leave the area susceptible to microorganism attack.
  • Give a tablespoon of honey three times a day to the affected person to boost the immune system. Honey is also known for its antibacterial properties that are good in warding off possible infections. Honey intake will also prevent deep scarring.

Prevention Techniques for Steam Burns

To avoid steam burn, do the following precautionary measures:

  • Keep the children away from the cooking area especially while somebody is cooking.
  • When checking what you are cooking, take the lids off easily and keep your face as far as the cooking ware as possible to avoid inhaling the steam.
  • Set the temperature at 120 degrees or less when boiling water.
  • Use dry pot holders and mitts when cooking.

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