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Question: I had sort of itching when I was preparing for my exams at the age of 17. The period of occurrence was during nights. Had then taken medication locally and subsided. Then the symptoms started reoccurring at periodic intervals of 6 months in a year. Once there it would take a course of 1-2 months in subsiding. Lately I consulted a specialist and he told me that it is Urticaria and its exact cause cannot be determined. Hence he put me on Allegra 180 for continuous 2 months. I did take that for continuous 2 months.

Then observed its re-occurrence. It has not subsided till now wherein I had extended the medication for 2 more months and on need basis i.e. when I am under an attack of itching, I take Allegra 180. Now it is reoccurring within every 36 hours. This is seriously damaging my lifestyle. Am a professional involved in construction industry and my stress levels are high. My diet is balanced and I’m a non-vegetarian. Help me out in getting a cure the symptoms for a longer term at least. Also please let me know what is urticaria pigmentosa in children and babies?

Answer: Urticaria is a common dermatologic disorder, which is also referred to as hives.

Urticaria appears in for form of well-circumscribed, elevated, erythematic spots with edema of the dermis. Urticaria is very puritic.

  • Urticaria is caused due to allergens or substances, which cause allergic reaction in the body.
  • These allergens trigger the immune system of the body.
  • Histamine and other inflammatory mediators (cytokines) are released by the Basophils, Mast cells and other inflammatory cells in response to the allergens.
  • This histamine causes the leakage of interstitial fluid from the blood vessels which results in the edema. The itching is attributed to the high concentration of inflammatory cells in the region.
  • Urticaria is caused due to exposure to dust, mold, chemicals, plants, rubber, latex, industrial chemical, nail polish or practically anything. Exposure to sun and cold is also known to cause urticaria.

Treatment for Urticaria:

  • Since you are a work at construction site, it is possible that you are persistently exposed to an allergen, which is causing the urticaria. It is also possible that it may not be a single allergen, but multiple allergens that are causing the problem.
  • To isolate the cause, don’t go to work for a few days. If the urticaria subsides during this time, it implies that there is something at the work site that is prompting the urticaria growth. If no, there is something at home.
  • The only management is to avoid exposure to the cause. There is no other way to manage the condition.
  • Alternatively you could try to take homeopathic remedy Apis Mellifica 30, 6 pills, every 4 hours, to alleviate the itching and inflammation.


  1. vijaykumar said:

    I am suffering with utricaria since last 8 years. I had consulted many doctors, they have done so many tests, but there is no result. I have this problem each year and in the evenings it affects me a lot more. Each evening for about 3-4 hours I am very uncomfortable with urticaria symptoms and need some home treatment for this disease.

    May 2, 2010
    • M R said:

      Sorry to know your condition same as of mine. I am feeling better nowadays. Thanks to this Homeopathy treatment, I had underwent wherein the practitioner had thoroughly diagnosed my history of medical ailments and arrived at a conclusion. that I am suffering from CHRONIC JAUNDICE wherein my count are all within normalcy but my liver’s function got affected.
      This problem was appropriately medicated anonymously, and now I have not got this problem as serious as what it used to be. Now I guess it had been short down to only 5% of what it originally used to be. I took this medication for close to 5 months and I am convinced of its cure.
      Hence I would suggest, consult one of your location’s prominent practitioner in Homeopathy.

      July 22, 2010
    • mj said:

      I am suffering this allergy for last three years. Just go to a lab, have an allergy test done. Your report will indicate as to what substance your body reacts. It may be perfume, some food item, some types of clothing material. Once you get to know the cause of your allergy, just avoid those things.

      November 3, 2010
  2. N W said:

    I am suffering with urticiria for the last three years and from the last few months it is very painful. Test was done at GHS but to no effect the cetrizine and phenegran that they gave me does not help at all. A dr prescribed prednisone and it only takes it away the day but it comes back the next day (please prednisone is not good at all with all it side effect). I only use it when I can’t handle the pain because mine is painful and if makes me depress as well.

    Please advise if there is any cure for this allergy.

    November 19, 2010
    • PUP said:

      Let me tell you, treating urticaria is a difficult task even for a physician. The cause is not known, or to find out the triggering factor from food, environment, psychological disturbance need a detailed history taking.
      Consult a good homeopath in your vicinity. Homeopathy is a science where individualization of a person is given more importance. There are medicines in homeopathy which can cure your urticaria.

      November 25, 2010

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