Skin Pigmentation Natural Remedies: Skin Lightening Products

The color of human skin can range from nearly colorless to almost black depending on the level and the type of the melanin pigment present in the skin. Melanin is the main determining factor of human’s skin color including the hair and the tissues of the eyes.

The skin would appear from brown to almost black brought about by high concentrations of the pigment, and this is commonly observed in people living in the tropical regions where there is higher exposure to UV light.

Light-skinned people observed in Europeans, Caucasians, and Southeast Asians have lower level of melanin pigment in the skin and would appear reddish white because of the obviousness of the blood vessels beneath the skin.

Because of their skin tone, they tan more easily than darker people.

Skin Lightening Products Ingredients

A person gets so interested in topics on lightening of skin probably because of the fact that it is an existing problem among a lot of individuals who are affected by hyper pigmentation. Lightening of the skin may be done with the use of skin whitening products or with the help of some natural preparation.

  • It must be safe and effective. Be cautious of the ingredients used in the product because there are some that have already been banned for use.
    Go with the safer ingredients like fruit and plant extracts.
  • It must block both the UVA rays and the UVB rays. Not all skin-whitening products have a potent sunscreen effect. These harmful rays can burn the skin and cause skin cancer.
  • Choose a product that does not only lighten the skin but also hydrates it. When the skin exfoliates, it needs to be moisturized to give out a more whiter and rosy finish.

Natural Home Remedies For Skin Pigmentation

  • Taking a good dosage of Vitamin C every day will help greatly in lightening the skin. There are ready-to-drink tablets that can be bought over the counter but you can also prepare a drink rich in vitamin C at home to come up with a good antioxidant.
  • Yogurt dropped with lime juice applied to the whole body before bathing every day is also a good remedy for skin tan.
  • Homemade exfoliating scrub like a mixture of dried and pulverized orange peel will help the skin to exfoliate fast removing the dead skins and revealing a fresher and glowing skin.


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