Skin Folliculitis Bumps – Causes, Prevention, Treatments

Remedies for Skin Folliculitis Bumps:

Skin folliculitis bumps are caused by the infection of the hair follicle. They are like tiny pimples at the base of the skin hair. They are very irritating and very embarrassing because they are unimpressive to look at and exude poor hygiene.

Causes of Skin Folliculitis Bumps:

This infection is sometimes caused by the exposure to poorly chlorinated or maintained tubs or pools that contain bacteria that irritated the hair follicle. This infection develops within the period of at least six hours from exposure to the bacteria and could last up to five days.

Some men suffer from this because of the growth of stiff hair in their beard and moustache area after shaving. They also suffer from it when they use shaving cream that contains ingredients that they are allergic to and shaves that are unclean.

When your hair follicles are subjected to trauma such as pulling hair from them, you are most likely to suffer from these irritating skin bumps or boils. Too much sweating, constant skin friction, and allergy to certain clothing and chemicals are likely suspect too.

They can also be indications of very unfavorable medical conditions such as chronic blood disorders or impurities, obesity, and diabetes.

The mentioned conditions are all serious that they warrant not only relief but also immediate medical checkup and adjustments in lifestyle.

If you suffer from it often, check your medication or maintenance drugs because they might contain steroid, which is a major hair follicle irritant. Do not fail to consult with your physician and request for tests before you accept any new medical prescription.

Cures for Skin Bumps:

  • For immediate relief you can apply warm or hot compresses to affected areas. Remove the pus accumulated by these boils by using sterilized needle. Be sure that whoever administers the removal of the pus has washed his hands and used alcohol for disinfection.
  • After draining the abscess, wrap gauze around the affected area to protect it from further infection and exposure to air. Replace the gauze within twenty-four hours to prevent further infection of the surrounding area. When the abscess is completely removed, apply antibiotics.
  • If the afflicted area is on the face especially if it is in the middle and upper part, use stronger antibiotics such as cephalexin and dicloxacillin to prevent the spreading of the infection to the brain. Act immediately to prevent it from spreading.
  • If the condition has become chronic or repetitive, use soap with strong antiseptic ingredients. Reinforce your immune system by taking in larger dosage of ascorbic acid from food supplements and vitamin C tablets. Increase your diet of fruits such as lemons and oranges.

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  1. Mig said:

    This is a very good information, however it does not address root cause. After several rounds of antibiotics for severe sinus infections followed by heavy steroids before and after surgery I suddenly had these symptoms.

    They diagnosed a severe nickel allergy these bumps come up for me around my mouth within an hour of having food rich in nickel and sometimes it takes months to calm down. I am
    trying to find a doctor in the Portland Oregon area to review the problem.

    April 5, 2017

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