Get Rid of Scabs | Treatment for Scabs | Healing Scabs

All About Scabs

Scabs are those coagulated blood that forms on the surface of the skin during the healing process of a wound. Although they are an unwelcome sight, their presence signifies a natural response of the body. The presence of scabs protects the body from bacteria and parasites that may enter it through a wound. Scabs serve as a protective covering for the wound to block the entry of any harmful agent.

What Causes Scabs

When you get yourself wounded, you will notice that blood thickens on the surface. In the long run, it will thicken and harden on the surface.

Because of its function as a protective covering, one should remember not to peel it off once it appears. This is because when one tries to peel it off, the process is very painful. Moreover, removing it will open the wound for further infection from the entry of harmful agents.

Healing Scabs

Although scabs are our body’s natural response, their presence is very unpleasant to the sight. This is true especially if they appear on exposed areas. On the other hand, one should not try to cover them or bandage them as this will likely invite the development of bacteria.

In turn, this will only worsen the situation. When there is an extreme necessity to remove scabs, consult a doctor first. That way, you will be advised on the best procedure to undertake and minimize the risk of infection.

Cure for Scabs

  • Apply antibiotic ointments over the area where scabs appear. These ointments will keep the moisture over the wound that will aid in keeping the area fresh. It will also make healing faster while allowing your skin to be restored to its original glow.
  • Clean the scabs regularly to remove the dirt particles that may be sticking to it.
  • Prepare a paste of baking soda and water. The paste will then be applied over the affected part and left for sometime.
  • Doing so will prevent the development of new scabs when the old one is about to fall off.
  • Apply tea tree oil. Because tea tree oil is known for its antiseptic properties, applying them over scabs ensures a proper healing of scabs. Apply the oil over the scabs with the help of a cotton ball. Make sure that the oil has dried before putting on your clothes.