Red Rash On Skin Causes: Natural Remedies For Candida Infection

Question: My stomach skin overlaps the skin below it forming red skin like sunburn. What medications should I apply?

Answer: Overlapping of skin on lower abdomen is a common issue among many women. It is generally the result of being obese. Skin folds appear when the skin becomes less elastic or when there is accumulation of fat. Folds create an ideal habitat for organisms to grow and survive. Some organisms thrive in warm and moist and dark environment, especially fungus and yeast.

A Candida Albicans infection may result in red, macerated rash with scaling of the edges.

It is a yeast infection referred to as Intertrigo, which commonly affects skin folds. Obese and overweight men and children too can suffer from such types of rash (intertrigo) on the belly skin folds.

Though not a serious condition, it is frustrating as the skin becomes itchy, dry and scaly. If the condition worsens, skin may crack and bleed. The rash may appear in patches or it can run throughout the skin fold.

What Causes Red Rashes On Belly?

Overlapping of skin in belly area creates moisture and warmth in the folds. Bacteria and yeast thrive and multiply in such areas.

These areas are also prone to excessive sweating.

  • Areas of the body where skin touches the skin like armpits, groin or under the breasts or fat folds.
  • In these areas the environment is moist and warm which promotes the growth of Candida Albicans.
  • Hot humid weather may also result in Candida infection.
  • Tight or abrasive under clothing or poor hygiene. Tight clothing prevents free movement of air and at the same time locks moisture.
  • Inflammatory skin diseases like psoriasis.
  • Prolonged use of steroids for local applications.
  • Use of body sprays may cause irritation and rash in belly folds.
  • The rash is more common in summer and rainy seasons.

Natural Remedies For Candida Infection

The prime aim is reduce your weight and belly fat, or else the risk of recurrence increases.

  • Local application of anti-fungal creams like clotrimazole helps to cure the condition. You have to apply it for many days even after the rashes have vanished.
  • Make sure you keep the skin fold as dry as possible. Local application of talcum powder, will promote drying.
  • Don’t wear tight clothing as it prevents free circulation of air. Choose lose fitting cotton clothes as they wick moisture away from the belly folds. Wearing nylon and synthetic clothes will retain moisture, which invites yeast to grow. Make sure your undergarments are washed well; it can be the seed of the infection.
  • Wash the area properly with water and soap. Take bath at least thrice a day if the weather is hot and humid. After bath clean and dry the area gently.
  • Homeopathic Remedy Graphitis 30, 4 pills taken 3 times in a day for 15 days will relieve the intertrigo.
  • Eat yogurt and sauerkraut as they keep a check of multiplication of yeast and fungus cells.
  • When you perspire a lot use clean the area with dry towel to remove left out moisture.

Clean the area with solution containing few drops of vinegar. It is effective against Candida albican germs.

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