Red Itchy Skin Bumps Remedies | Red Skin Bumps Symptoms, Causes

Red Itchy Bumps Causes

Sometimes getting red itchy bumps is quite common especially if one is exposed to a new environment. There are many reasons and instances why the skin gets some rashes, which is why it is important to let a medical practitioner look at its location, color, and appearance to be able to be given the right diagnosis.

Symptoms and Remedies for Red Itchy Bumps

  • If it affects the face, back, or chest and the bumps have pus-filled sacs, then it must be acne. This is commonly observed during adolescence and can be treated using some over-the-counter creams and ointments.
    Another natural remedy is to regularly wash the face gently using mild soap.
  • If there is redness around the cheeks, forehead, nose or chin and a flushed appearance, then it must be rosacea. Treatment is not really necessary although some doctors would prescribe antibiotics for those experiencing from moderate to severe symptoms.
  • A single or a gathering of throbbing red bumps could be a boil. The infection is usually under the skin and initial remedy would be to give it a warm compress. Using antibiotic ointments may be necessary in the redness spreads or if there is no opening.
  • Red and itchy skin bumps sprinkled randomly could be cause by insect bites. Generally, these are not harmful and using ice can relieve the itching. Using antihistamine and hydrocortisone cream can also help, unless it gets worse or new symptoms arise, then a doctor’s assistance is already needed.
  • Red and itchy sores appearing after drinking medicine are due to an allergic reaction. Antihistamine is generally prescribed to get rid of the rash and itching.
  • The sudden formation of bumps on the face or the body could be hives, a type of skin reaction to allergen, infection, or medicine. They also appear on some people who experience extreme nervousness. Applying cool compress and antihistamines can eliminate itching.
  • Red, itchy, oily, and scaly rash affecting areas of the eyebrows, nose, or even extending the edge of the scalp that appears after in contact with jewelry, clothing, or perfume may be irritant contact dermatitis. This happens after the skin reacts with perfumes, detergents and some chemical substances.
  • Red itchy bumps with blister formation could be caused by poison oak, sumac, or ivy is called allergic contact dermatitis. The oil coming from the plants triggers the allergic reaction, and washing the affected area with soap and water can help remove the rashes away.