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Razor Bumps Treatment

Razor bumps is the common term used to refer to persistent inflammation caused by shaving. On the other hand, some people call it shaving pimples. The condition comes about when a freshly shaved hair that is cut at an angle bends back and then penetrates the skin with its sharp point. Because of the penetration, the skin treats it as if a form of infection, thereby causing the characteristic swelling that razor bumps are known for. People with curly hair are more likely to experience them because of the wavy pattern of the hair that makes razor blades cut at them through a unique angle.

Getting Rid of Razor Bumps

There are many ways to get rid of razor bumps. For one, when there is really a need to shave, one may resort to other ways of pulling out body and facial hair such as waxing. However, if shaving is the only available means to get rid of body hair, then remember the following things:

  • Do not make shaving a daily preoccupation. The skin needs at least 3 days rest in between shaving. If there is really a need to shave that often, try using an electric razor or a beard trimmer.
  • Before shaving, soften the hair first with lukewarm water. Doing this ensures a cleaner cut and eliminates the need for the razor to cut the hair through an angle that results in very sharp points that can cut the skin.
  • Apply a shaving cream and allow it to sit on the face for at least a minute before shaving. This is one way to soften the hair while providing a lubricant for the skin.
  • Change razor blades frequently. Razor bumps are also caused by dull blades that are unable to make a swift and clean cut on the hair.
    A sharp razor assures the user of a clean and swift cut which help avoid razor bumps.

Treating Razor Bumps

  • For the treatment of razor bumps, apply an after-shave lotion or cream. Doing so will soften and moisturize your skin while acting on the rash or irritation that may develop as a result of shaving.
  • Rinse the newly shaved area with soap and cold water. This will heal razor bumps stingy pain as well as the redness that may develop. Moreover, it will also keep the shaved area clean looking.