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Home Remedies for Sebaceous Cysts

Sebaceous cysts usually grow slowly and are benign in growth under the skin surface. The formation of the cyst is tumor like. Main content of the cyst is sebum i.e. protein and skin oil usually found on the back or scalp or scrotum or ear. Size of the sebaceous cyst can range from a size of pea to that of a golf ball. Sebaceous cyst is usually soft, firm and painless. Included here are whiteheads. They can become infected and form an abscess.

Preventing Sebaceous Cysts

  • Things which should be completely avoided are high protein food, fatty food, chocolates, cheese, butter and all dairy products.
  • One should also avoid use of tobacco, alcohol or coffee.
  • For healthier skin eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.
  • Eating red meat and dairy products puts the wrong oils (saturated fats) into your body. The result can lead to formation of sebaceous cysts, clogged pores and more blemishes.
  • Skin care should be done by regular cleaning. Some times cosmetics we use are the real culprits and may aggravate the problem which may have not existed on normal skin.
  • You should wash your skin two times in a day with soap.
    Soap has a property of removing excess oil from the skin. To remove left over cleanser and dirt from skin, apply a gentle, astringent herb, such as yarrow, sage or peppermint.
  • Smoking should be completely stopped as broadens the edge of the skin pores and thus the elasticity and tone of the surface of the skin is lost.

Natural Treatment for Sebaceous Cysts:

  • Apply goldenseal or tea tree oil to eliminate infection. Apply herb tea of witch hazel or white oak bark to absorb the oil in the cyst.
  • Small incision is made at the site of the cyst usually on the lower side and the material is sucked out and it is thoroughly flushed with H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide).
  • Eating one teaspoon of granulated lecithin each day will help emulsify (break apart and eliminate) the saturated fat in your body including sebaceous cyst.
  • Take 1-3 teaspoon of flaxseed oil every day. It is rich in the right kind of oil needed by your body.


  1. Bely said:

    I want to know that if I undergo the treatment of granular lecithin and flax-seed oil, how long will it take to dissolve a fatty cyst on my kidney? Will there be any problem?

    June 10, 2012

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