Natural Remedies For Skin Lightening: Different Skin Color Causes

People, especially women, would want to have light skin tone. They would opt to have flawless skin in the sense that it can be described as a skin feeling and looking like butter. There are those who are gifted with such light skin tone but still would want to have a golden tan. Those who have tanned skin would also want light skin tone.

Natural Skin Lightening Home Remedies

There’s a lot of ways to achieve the light skin tone you would want. As technology nowadays has evolved, dermatologists have created measures just to provide their clients with what they want.

However, these might be expensive for some. But there are also other measures you can opt for that is easy, safe, and even non-invasive, such as the ones enumerated below:

  • Eating healthy and nutritious food. Avoiding and cutting back on oily and fatty foods would be highly beneficial for you. Eating fruits and vegetables on a day-to-day basis would do wonders not only for your skin but to your general health.
  • Drinking plenty of fluids. Hydrate yourself from time to time. One of the main reasons why this is significant is because skin easily ages when one is not properly hydrated.
    Lack of fluid in the cells would cause aging and wrinkling and eventually the cells’ death.
  • Taking in of food rich in antioxidant property. Food rich in antioxidants would do great for an individual. It would make you age slow, and it would fight off other health conditions.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. If you are going to be exposed outside, use liberal amount of sunscreen or sun block. The sun’s UV rays would create damage to one’s skin. Hence, protecting your skin from the UV rays not only makes you look young but also decreases the risk of skin cancer.

Why People Have Different Skin Color?

There are factors why other individuals are gifted with light complexion while other individuals have dark skin.

  • Genetics. You cannot alter the genetic thread of your family. If you are in a family with dark complexion, you cannot change that fact anymore. You would likely be born with dark complexion.
  • Prolonged exposure to other foreign factors such as the sun. When an individual is exposed to direct sunlight, it would result to the production of melanin. Melanin protects the individual from the harmful effect of sun’s rays. The build-up of melanin within the skin cells causes dark pigmentation in one’s skin.


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