How to Remove Black Spots | Get Rid of Black Spots | Remedy for Dark Skin Spots

Black Spots on Skin

Black spots, age spots, liver spots, sun spots, solar lentigines. They all refer to the same thing. These spots found mostly on the hands were thought to be signs of problems of the liver. Later on, it was concluded that they are just a simple pigmentation problem that occurs if the skin is excessively exposed to the sun.

Sun spots are basically harmless, but it can be bothersome for some who do not want its messy appearance on the skin. These black spots are not only confined on the hands, but also in other parts of the body that are exposed to the sun most of the time like the neck and the face.

People who are light skinned are most often the victim of black spots. This is because they have lower levels of the pigment melanin. Although studies have shown that they are mostly seen in people aging forty or over, there are some younger people who can be affected, too.

Younger generations frequent places and get involved in activities that expose them repeatedly to the sun. They would go to the beach to get some tan or do water sports that keep them always under the heat of the sun. Unless the right protection is observed, black spots will not be limited to the older generations.

Getting Rid of Black Spots

It is not easy to remove black spots on the skin hand, because once the black pigmentation appears, you cannot get rid of them quite easily. There are lotions and creams available in the market that promises to take them away quickly, but you need to verify with your dermatologist and make sure that they can really remove black spots.

If the black spots are already visible, all you have to do is to make sure that you refrain from spending time under the heat of the sun. The continuous exposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays will definitely ruin your chances to say goodbye to black spots. The spots can fade over time for as long as you make all the necessary protection not to be exposed again.

  • Creams rich in aloe vera or vitamin E oil applied to the hands on a regular basis can help lighten black spots.
  • Lemon juice also contributes greatly in removing black spots. It helps exfoliate the first layer of the skin and hastens the growth of much newer and fresher one’s.