Natural Treatments for Back Acne Scar | Remove, Cure Back Acne Scar

Back Acne Scar

Acne vulgaris, which is commonly known simply as acne, is a skin condition that usually comes during one’s adolescence, where it affects 85 percent of teenagers. The condition is brought about when changes occur in the skin structures consisting of the hair follicles and the sebaceous glands. It is normally found in the body parts where there is a massive accumulation of sebaceous follicles such as the face, the shoulders, the chest, and even one’s back. In other cases, the upper arms can also be affected by the condition.

The Effects of Acne:

Aside from the immediate effect of scarring, acne can have other effects. This includes the psychological effect of reducing one’s self-esteem, especially when the condition has gone severe. One study also revealed that acne caused depression and even suicide on some teens who were suffering from the illness. This should not be surprising as acne appears during adolescence, when individuals tend to be at their most insecure state.

Home Remedies for Back Acne Scar:

Now if you’re in the hunt for remedies to treat back acne scars you have, you don’t have to look any farther.

The following are easy-to-make home remedies you can concoct yourself to get rid of back acne scars:

  • Use honey as a facial mask. Honey is a natural skin moisturizer that helps treat acne scars.
  • Using cotton balls, apply freshly squeezed-out lemon or lime juice directly on your back acne scars. Leave the lemon juice on your skin for a while, and wash it off with water afterward. Lime and lemon juice lightens the appearance of acne scar blemishes.
  • Slice up some tomatoes and place them over your scars. Being rich in vitamin A, tomatoes are effective in stopping the overproduction of sebum, the main culprit in causing acne. Vitamin A is also rich in antioxidant properties that helps renew and refreshes scarred skin.
  • Make a mixture of one tablespoon of yogurt, one tablespoon of sour cream, one tablespoon of oatmeal, and some drops of lemon juice. Dab the mixture into your back acne scars and leave on for some minutes before rinsing them off.
  • Acne massage therapy: Massage olive oil on the affected skin area. The moisturizing properties of olive oil should soften your skin’s texture and minimize the visibility of your back acne scars.
  • Rubbing some ice cubes or an ice pack on the affected area should give you a quick relief from acne scars. This method should shrink the size of your pores and soothe the irritated skin.