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Lighten Dark Spots Under the Breasts

Dark spots on the body can be frustrating. Of course, the area beneath the breasts is not exposed, but you still would not want to see your body scarred with any of these brown spots. When you look at the mirror, you always dream of that flawlessly clean body.

What Are Dark Spots

Dark or brown spots on the skin are a result of a high concentration level of skin pigments on that particular area of the body. As man age, they are also likely to develop these spots or what they call the aging spots that are part of the aging process.

Dark spots do not just appear on the face, they also form on the different parts of the body. They just do not appear overnight. This skin discoloration develops, and if not given appropriate treatment at once, would likely become bigger.

Dark Spots Causes

Dark spots under the breast could not easily be noticed but still one who has this discoloration would somehow feel kind of insecure. Especially when you want to don that brand-new two-piece suit. Well, it would definitely look ugly with those dark spots beneath your breasts.

One of the reasons for dark spots appearing below the breasts is the prolonged use of a bra that has underwires.

The skin when continually rubbed with the wire of the bra will begin to darken. The constant friction of the wire and the skin and the lengthened use of the bra is one of the primary reasons for the dark spots.

There are also others who are not fond of wearing bras with underwires but still get dark spots underneath their breasts. This specific problem is more common to those individuals who have a big stomach wherein the skin constantly rubs against the breast area.

Removing Dark Spots

  • In dealing with this problem, the individual has to minimize the prolonged use of a bra; it should not be more than twelve hours a day. Cotton bras are recommended rather than synthetic or polyester.
  • To get rid of the dark spots, the mixture of lime juice and turmeric powder applied on the skin is effective.
  • You can also apply the mixture of yogurt and a few drops of lime juice, and leave it for thirty minutes.
  • The pulp of strawberry rubbed on the dark spots will successfully lighten the brown patches, too.
  • Not only do these remedies help eliminate dark patches under breasts, they also make your skin supple, flawless, and healthy looking.